Lexie and Jackson Hook Up! Grey’s Anatomy: February 24, 2011
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Grey's Anatomy

Lexie and Jackson Hook Up! Grey’s Anatomy: February 24, 2011

So many character developments and subplots, so little time! Grey's Anatomy Season 7, Episode 16 was jam-packed. We have miles of story to cover, so let's skip any sort of pithy introduction and dive right into to talking about this week's episode.

The blind side: Meredith and Derek are busy planning their house (which has still not left the blueprint stage) and Mer idly mentions that her eyes feel dry and her vision is a little wonky. She gets squintier and squintier as the day goes on, and she even has Karev conduct a vision test. But it's not until she's in surgery with one of Derek's trial patients that her eyesight goes totally haywire. Lucy orders Meredith to stop the fertility treatment immediately before she does permanent damage. Mer is bummed since the treatment was just culminating.

Mommy and Daddy and Mommy are fighting: Meanwhile, when Lucy brings up the subject of an amnio test during Callie's check-up, Mark states in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want Callie to have one for fear of the risks. But Arizona pushes for it so they are totally prepared for the baby's needs. In the end, Callie chooses to take the test. Mark is gracious in defeat, though — he's just happy his opinion was heard. Callie tells Arizona later that Mark's magnanimity impressed her. Arizona puts a stop to the love fest, saying that Mark's constant presence was never part of her dream for them.

Lexie and Jackson Hook Up! Grey’s Anatomy: February 24, 2011
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A Stark choice: One of Meredith's Alzheimer's patients, Allison, has a family, including a young son who happens to have a lump on his neck. The lump turns out to be cystic hygroma, a mass that's constricting his windpipe. Stark tells Meredith to call Child Protective Services since it's obvious that the parents are too distracted by the Alzheimer's to care for their child. Mer and April plead with him to let it slide. He only relents when April approaches him solo. He later asks her out, saying that she's the first person to actually make him change his mind.

Lung love: A cystic fibrosis patient named Ricky is about to get new lungs when Teddy and Lexie discover that his girlfriend Julia has the disease, too, which is a problem because it's dangerous for two cystic fibrosis patients to be in close proximity. Teddy tells them to split or else she won't transplant the new lungs, and so they do (with a little extra prodding from Lexie), and Ricky gets the "gorgeous" lungs.

It's Lexson? Jaxie? Lexie and Jackson later talk about soul mates, and he tells her that she'd have a line for one and that he'd be in that line. The next thing you know, April is barging into the shower telling Lexie that she said yes to Stark, oblivious to the fact that Lexie's hiding Jackson in the shower with her. Ye-ah! Gettin' dirty while gettin' clean.

Wrangling Yang: Cristina discovers that Owen wants kids someday and was expecting her to "come around" to the idea. She says that she'll never change her stance and that Owen can't expect her to. He says that she's supposed to at least consider his point of view. Arguments, door-slamming, and storming-out ensue.

Adele unwell: Adele is back in the hospital with lacerations. But when she can't get her story straight, Bailey tests her for substance abuse. And when she's satisfied that Adele isn't a junkie, Bailey beseeches Richard to talk to Derek. Luckily, Richard does. We'll have to stay tuned to find out his diagnosis and her prognosis...


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