Leyla Ghobadi, Kanye West’s Alleged Mistress, Defends Herself on Twitter
Credit: Leyla Ghobadi on Instagram    

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Leyla Ghobadi, Kanye West’s Alleged Mistress, Defends Herself on Twitter

Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi has joined Twitter to show us what she's really like. She's not just doing this for "The Fame."

Those are her exact sentiments, expressed as she launched a Twitter account to defend herself against speculation that she's lying about having recently slept with Kanye West — as in, while Kim Kardashian was carrying his baby. (And yes, she did refer to fame as "'The Fame.'")

Granted, the account is not yet verified, so we don't even know if this is indeed Leyla tweeting. She is pictured in the profile photo, but it's also a pic pulled from her Instagram feed.

Even more suspiciously, Leyla — or her impersonator — seems to have deleted those tweets, leaving us only the tweets saved for posterity by sites like SheKnows and Mirror Online.

"Maybe I went about this the wrong way," reads another tweet, "but how else am I meant to get through to [Kim]? I am not the bad guy in this situation. Nothing more to say."

But the tweets do have more to say. When someone asked her to show proof of her affair with 'Ye, that Twitter user rebuffed with this reply: "Yeah, because I was going to take pictures of myself f—king him — I could show you calls but I am not about to put his number of Twitter."

Another message touts: "Everyone retweet this! Once I hit 1,000 followers, I will explain in detail of what really happened."

Oh, so this person is looking to be retweeted and to grow her Twitter following? That's just like someone not doing this for "The Fame."

Source: SheKnows, Mirror Online