LG Pranks Expectant Dads in “Smartest Baby” Ad (VIDEO)
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LG Pranks Expectant Dads in “Smartest Baby” Ad (VIDEO)

A video created in Israel by the electronics company LG plays a delightful little prank on expectant dads by showing them a fake video of their amazingly advanced babies.

The company rolled out it’s new line of “smart” televisions by having expectant moms and their doctors conspire during what should be a routine ultrasound to show fake video to the dads. While the doctors narrate the ultrasound, the dads look on with stunned and amazed expressions as the babies appear to look at and wave at them from the uterus.

Every parent wants to think their kids are special, so of course the dads can’t help but be proud of their super-advanced kids. Although it’s funny to watch their hilariously gullible reactions, we feel a little bad for them, now that they think they have to prepare to have the smartest baby in the world.

It must have taken a lot of willpower for these moms and doctors to not burst out laughing watching their husbands freak out!

Source: YouTube

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05.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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