Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Who Is Mimi Faust? 5 Things You Should Know
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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Who Is Mimi Faust? 5 Things You Should Know

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi Faust is most commonly known as just Stevie J.’s on-again-off-again girlfriend/baby mama of over 15 years. But in actuality, there’s a lot more to this woman, that what we see on the TV screen… which at times is just screaming and cussing. Here’s five things you should know about Mimi.

1. Mimi is a business woman.

And no, we don’t mean that Mimi is like every other reality TV star who spins their fame into some kind of clothing line (no offense). Turns out, Oluremi “Mimi” Faust is the owner of a 13-year-old business, “Keep IT Clean” based on it Atlanta, Ga. The company specializes in home and office cleaning and provides a plethora of services. Currently the business is undergoing some restructuring, but will be back in operation as of fall 2013.

2. Mimi’s mom abandoned her at 13 for religion.

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi revealed that her mother abandoned her family due to joining the church of Scientology. According to Mimi, at 13 the sect of the church called Sea Org wanted Mimi to sign over her life to them for “a billion years.” Because Mimi opted not to join, she was booted out of the communal home, and bounced around the houses of friends. When she was old enough to get work, she did just that and somehow things just always managed to “work out”. At 26, Mimi (whose name was James) met her father and legally changed her last name to Faust.

3. Mimi may have a party girl past that includes famous rappers and arrests.

During an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2, Joseline Hernandez called out Mimi for being a groupie for rapper Ja Rule. Since then, stories have been coming out that Mimi was quite the party girl and may have had a “thing” with Ja Rule while he was married to wife Aisha Atkins. While Mimi has yet to confirm or deny the allegation, she’s been quoted saying that she knows the rapper “very well.Mmhmm…

In addition to her party girl past (which includes being a bit of a video vixen), Mimi’s also has a rap sheet. In 2009, the reality star was arrested for battery, but insists that the fight was between her and an abusive ex — not Stevie.

4. Mimi and Joseline have something in common… that isn’t Stevie J.

Aside from their ability to charm the mysterious Stevie J., Joseline and Mimi have one thing in common — altered body parts. Just like Jose, Mimi decided that she would give her body an added boost and visited Dr. J Curves in Atlanta for a breast augmentation. The reality star made the big reveal on Instagram earlier this year, and the lady lumps got a little shine during the LHHATL Season 2 reunion show.

5. Mimi and boyfriend Nikko are still going strong!

Despite the drama of the “fake rolex” on Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it seems as though Mimi and her new boyfriend, Nikko, are going strong. The couple hit a snag during the season finale, and at the reunion Mimi described their relationship as “it is what it is.” But these days, she’s been posting photos of herself and her musical stud together and… shall we dare say… in love?

Did you learn something new about Mimi or do you know something we don’t? Sound off below!

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