10 WTF Moments From ‘L&HHH’ Season 2, Episode 10: “For The Family”
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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

10 WTF Moments From ‘L&HHH’ Season 2, Episode 10: “For The Family”


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2, Episode 10: “For The Family" was a roller coaster of emotions as Miles Brock rekindled his flame with Milan Christopher while Willie Taylor was hit with shocking news about his wife, Shanda. Fizz had a sit down with Rich Dollaz about Moniece and Hazel-E completely stole the show.


Check out the 10 WTF moments from the ep below:


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1. Rich finds “creep squad” LA. Now that Rich has moved across the country from NYC, he is hanging out with none other than Ray J, whom Rich refers to as “the one man creep squad.” Richie D and Ray head to the studio to meet up with Willie Taylor. They discuss their respective creep statuses and joke about being in relationships with crazy women aka Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love. Ray reveals he has known Moniece and her family for a really long time. Ray tells Rich that Moniece is a handful and hopes that he knows what he's getting himself into.  

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2. Fizz has a request for Moniece. Moniece and Fizz take their son, Kameron, to the playground together. They have come to a better understanding of one another since the emotional moment they shared in a previous episode. Fizz tells Moniece that he appreciates her stepping up and doing more with Kameron. He also questions her about her relationship with Rich. Fizz is concerned about Rich’s presence in Kam’s life. Fizz asks Moniece to allow him to speak to Rich face-to-face and Moniece obliges.


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3. Miles and Milan get back together. Miles Brock hasn't seen or spoken to Milan since he was kicked out of their apartment for going to his ex-girlfriend Amber Hunter’s house. Miles has since revealed his sexuality to Amber and his family. Miles hopes that Milan will recognize the progress that he has made and reconsider their relationship. Milan is happy that Miles is finally living in his truth. They say that they're in love for life and exchange cute smooches — and just like that, M&M are back together!

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4. Fizz catches Shanda Taylor in the act. Fizz visits his new love interest, Nikki Mudarris in her family’s strip club to discuss business. Fizz asks Nikki to be in a music video for his new song, “Good Lotion.” Nikki declines and tells Fizz that she is too busy. While in the club, Fizz is shocked to see Willie’s wife Shanda dancing on the stage. Nikki reveals that Shanda has been working at the club part time.


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5. Moniece demands that Rich play nice with Fizz. Moniece tells Rich that Fizz wants to have a sit down with him. Rich is fed up with having to explain himself to everyone in Mo’s life. Rich feels that he is “jumping through hoops” to do everything that Moniece asks of him. Moniece explains that Rich needs to get along with Fizz because he's Kameron’s dad. She goes on to say, “I don't care what he says to you that angers you, if it goes left and you handle it a certain way...then this relationship is over.” Rich tells Moniece that he’ll handle it the way he wants and walks off.

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6. Apryl asks Omarion to have her back. Omarion and Apryl Jones head to the radio station to do an interview in promotion of O’s new single, “I'm Up.” Apryl discusses the struggle of supporting Omarion and being a mother. We find out that Apryl is also a musician (who knew?) and looking to explore her talent. Omarion says that he will support Apryl’s career when the time is right. On the car ride home, O and A discuss Apryl’s career. She is concerned that her career is going to be forgotten about and wants to make sure Omarion has her back. Omarion reassures Apryl and says, “Don't worry … this man right here has front, your back, your side.”


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7. Princess and Hazel-E talk Teairra. Princess Love meets Hazel to talk about Nikki and Teairra Mari’s upcoming fashion show. Hazel wants to bring Princess into the fold and thinks that adding her will be good for the event. Hazel also spills the tea about Teairra’s recent plastic surgery. Princess tells Hazel that she has moved on from her beef with Teairra and will not allow it to ruin the event. PL also shades Teairra and expresses concern over whether or not Teairra’s clothing line is on the same level as the clothing that she and Nikki will be presenting at the event.

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8. Willie and Shanda’s lies catch up to them. Willie has a small club performance and brings Shanda. They meet Fizz and Nikki there to have drinks and a talk before the show. Shanda is worried because Willie doesn't know that she has been working at Nikki’s strip club. Not even a minute into the conversation, Nikki makes mention of Shanda being on stage and Fizz also chimes in about Shanda’s return to the pole. Willie’s facial expression is priceless as Nikki goes on to say, “Shanda been dancing for us, at one of my clubs. You didn't know that?” Fizz reacts by covering his face and commenting, “oh s—t.” Shanda feels bad about the way Willie found out but says that she did it because he lied to her about getting out of his contract. Shanda feels that they needed the money and tells Willie that she's never going to allow her family to be in a f—ed up situation. Willie tells her that if she wants to strip she can “get the f—k out” and go do that by herself. Shanda angrily storms off. After the show, Willie exits the club and finds Shanda outside with tears streaming down her face. She apologizes and they kiss and make up.


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9. Rich has a face-to-face convo with Moniece’s baby daddy, Fizz. At Moniece’s demand, Rich sits down to have a conversation with Fizz. Rich has reservations about the direction that the conversation may take. Fizz asks Rich about his intentions with Moniece. Fizz says, ”I want to get your intake on where your relationship is really going.” Rich replies, “I love her to death … but I'm here to see if it works, I'm here to do the right thing. But umm, I can't guarantee that.” Rich tells Fizz that he understands where he is coming from and will steer clear of Kameron unless he intends to be with Moniece long-term. Fizz is appreciative of Rich’s response and Rich is pleased with the way Fizz approached the situation. Looks like all of the men in Moniece's life are happy.

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10. Hazel steals the show from frenemy Teairra. Hazel organizes a fitting for the upcoming fashion show. We find out that not only has Hazel invited Princess to participate in the show but she has also added Milan’s underwear line — in hopes to bring a little “man candy” to the event. Teairra shows up to the fitting with unfinished clothing for the show. Teairra feels blindsided after learning that Princess will be part of the show and drops out of the event. Princess approaches and begins saying, “she doesn't want to do it because she's not ready.” Nikki asks Teairra to put her feelings aside and continue to participate in the show. Hazel somehow manages to bring up an old rumor about Teairra having relations with Hazel’s ex-boyfriend, Yung Berg. Hazel continues to come at Teairra as it begins to seem like a four against one situation with Nikki, Princess and Milan standing around as Hazel continues to rip Teairra. Surprisingly, Teairra remains pretty calm through most of the trash talking session — maybe because she’s not 100 percent recovered from her recent surgery. Teairra seems to finally get fed up and begins to argue back. As she gathers her things and proceeds to exit, she says to Hazel, “f—k you, you're a fake a—s b—h. I f—g was your friend”. Hazel responds with, “Since when were you my friend? When you were sucking Berg’s d—k in the alley or when you were friends with Masika?” The frenemies continue to sling insults at one another as Milan walks Teairra out the door.

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