Love & Hip Hop: 10 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 12, “All Good Things”
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Love & Hip Hop: 10 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 12, “All Good Things”

All things are coming to a head on the Love & Hip Hop Season 4 finale Episode 12, “All Good Things.” Tahiry takes her feud with Rashidah Ali to new heights, while the love triangle between Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, and Cyn Santana gets insanely messy. Peter Gunz is finally making the decision to turn his life around, and Yandy Smith just hopes for something better.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Erica and Cyn talk straightening things out with Rich. After the big blowout at her book launch between Rich and Cyn, Erica Mena meets up with her girlfriend Cyn to have a one-on-one talk about how to make things better between the three of them. While Cyn says she doesn’t have a problem with Rich, she does tell Erica that Rich has to learn how to separate his business (of managing Erica) from his desire to get back with Erica. Erica Mena agrees, but knows that by working with Rich, she’s not sure what’s going to happen.

2. Yandy tells Tara Wallace to move on. Going for a little retail therapy, Tara tells Yandy that her ex, Peter Gunz, came to see her to apologize for his bad behavior. Yandy then tells Tara that she needs to make that final step and move forward from Peter, and when Tara says that she’s already doing so, Yandy drops the news that Tara will star in the new movie Yandy’s producing.

3. Rich kisses and tells. Meeting up with his friend Peter, Rich decides to let Peter in on his work with Erica Mena both in and out of the studio. Rich talks to Peter about how he’s vervous about Erica’s upcoming showcase, and then lets it slip that he and Erica got intimate with each other — despite the fact that Erica’s still dating Cyn. Rich goes on to say that he’s going to keep his romp with Erica a secret (even though he just told Peter) so long as she and Cyn don’t agitate him to blow it all up.

4. Erica Jean and Saigon move in together. Erica Jean decides to take the leap and move in with Saigon. While Erica is looking forward to living with Saigon and their son as a family, Saigon has a few rules that he wants Erica to live by now that they’re going to be sharing his no-longer bachelor pad. Regardless, both Erica and Saigon think they’re making the right step for the sake of their son.

5. Tahiry and Rashidah Ali’s friendship comes to a complete end. At Erica Mena’s showcase, Tahiry bumps into Rashidah Ali. The two haven’t spoke since their fallout in Episode 10, “Red Alert,” and both ladies decide to put the argument behind them. However, as they begin to apologize, a fight ensues as Rashidah tells Tahiry that she’s never liked how she modeled for “ghetto” mens’ magazines. Tahiry takes Rashidah’s issue to heart and reminds Rashidah that she should only be upset with her because of Tahiry’s lack of support for Rashidah’s wedding — nothing else. Rashidah, however, continues to tell Tahiry that her urban modeling is probably the reason why Tahiry will never have a husband, and Tahiry in turn tells Rashidah that the only reason she’s upset by her modeling is because Rashidah wishes she had her body. Big mistake.

Security guards come flooding in to break the ladies apart, and both Rashidah and Tahiry walk away from their friendship.

6. Cyn and Rich have a conversation that turns ugly. After Erica debuts her song “Dancin’ All Over the World,” Cyn and Rich have a discussion about their relationship with Erica. Rich talks about trying to handle the business side of things as best as he can, and Cyn says that she’s trying to be the best girlfriend she can. In between their convo, Cyn tells Rich that she doesn’t feel that he respects the relationship she has with Erica, to which Rich retorts that it all boils down to Erica — since she’s the one kissing him and having relations with him. Obviously, this pisses Cyn off, and she storms off looking for her girlfriend.

When Cyn meets up with Erica, she tells her that she’s not going to stand for being disrespected by Rich. Of course, Erica goes in search of Rich and hurls a slew of insults at him (though all the while, she doesn’t deny that she slept with him) and says that he’s just jealous of her finally finding someone who makes her happy. Rich, not pleased with the fact that both women are making him out to be the bad guy, finds Erica and Cyn and lets them have it. Erica gets physical, security guards jump in, and the whole night ends with Erica saying that she wants to be all by herself.

7. Peter tries to make things work with Amina Buddafly… again. Peter meets up with his good friend Nick Cannon to talk about getting cold feet when he went apartment hunting with Amina in Episode 11, “Put a Ring On It.” After hearing the sage advice from Nick, Peter decides to meet up with Amina and talk to her about what he’s been going through. Once again, Amina tells Peter that she’s not going to tolerate him consistently putting Tara’s feelings first and that she wants him to act like a husband.

Peter admits that he was wrong and not only promises to try and work on being a good husband to her, but he also presents Amina with a new wedding band, hoping they can start over.

8. Yandy’s life is at a standstill. While procuring a venue for a charity fundraiser, Yandy gets a phone call from her fiance, Mendeecees Harris, who is still behind bars awaiting a bail hearing. On the phone, Mendeecees talks about him missing pivotal points in his children’s lives, and while Yandy feels the pressure of having to put their lives on hold because of his prison situation, she tells him to keep strong and have faith that positive things will happen for them.

9. Erica tries to apologize to Cyn… again. Much like several weeks ago, Erica Mena meets up with Cyn and tries to apologize to her about the way things blew up at the showcase. Cyn asks Erica if she still sleeps with him, to which Erica replies no. Cyn, however, doesn’t know who to trust anymore and tells Erica that she will not be disrespected for the sake of Erica’s career. Cyn then tells Erica that she needs some space from her, and that Erica needs to figure out what she wants because she’s not going to go fight Rich over her again.

10. K. Michelle tells Tara and Yandy they “Can’t Raise a Man.” Preparing for the first leg of her tour, K. Michelle gets a visit from Tara and Yandy and all three ladies dish about how they find it tough to raise their sons as single moms without allowing their past experiences with their children’s fathers get in the way.

In the final moments of Season 4 finale, each of the LHH stars dishes about how they plan to move on with their lives after the many lessons they learned throughout the course of the season. Coming up next is a two-part reunion show, with the first episode airing Monday, February 3 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

Have the stars of Love & Hip Hop changed their ways since the show’s finale? Guess we’ll have to tune in to see!

Were there any moments from the Love & Hip Hop finale that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!