Liam Hemsworth Rumored Girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez: Her Ex Is in Prison
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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth Rumored Girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez: Her Ex Is in Prison

Rumors about her dating life have quickly turned Eiza Gonzalez into one of Hollywood’s most Googled names, but the Mexican actress isn’t saying whether she and Miley Cyrus’s recently ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth are actually an item or just really, really good friends who sometimes kiss each other full on the mouth. In fact, she’s being so hush-hush about the topic her people actually called off a press conference early when the questions became too Miliam-centric.

Beyond all the news about Eiza and Liam (New couple name: Liza Hemzalez?) we’re also pretty curious about Eiza’s previous dating history. The 23-year-old Mexican singer/actress is a superstar in her own right and totally gorgeous. She’s gotta have a few broken hearts in her past, right?

Right and there’s also some financial crime. reports Eiza’s last boyfriend, Pepe Diaz, was arrested for alleged tax evasion earlier this month. The news was also reported by Spanish entertainment outlet People en Español, which adds that Pepe’s lawyer says his client was arrested September 5 and is being held in a Mexican City prison.

Meanwhile, Pepe’s former flame has officially moved to Los Angeles and seems to have found herself a new man. Here’s hoping Liam sticks to the straight and narrow if only for Eiza’s sake.

What do you make of Liam’s rumored new girlfriend? Still Team Miley or want to give the new girl a chance? Sound off below and be sure to add in your suggestions for couple names!

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