Liam Hemsworth is “More Grounded Than Ever” After His Break-Up with Miley Cyrus
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The Hunger Games

Liam Hemsworth is “More Grounded Than Ever” After His Break-Up with Miley Cyrus

If you’re worried about how Liam Hemsworth is doing after his split with the now eyebrow-less Miley Cyrus two months ago, don’t be — according to People, the single life definitely agrees with him.

We were devastated when the couple broke off their engagement in September and wept for the beautiful Miam babies that would never come to exist, but Miley constantly insists she’s happy, and Liam says he’s happy, and that’s all we need.

“These days, I feel like I’m more grounded and centered than I’ve ever been,” the Catching Fire star said.

And although rumors have been flying that the dissolution of their relationship was because Liam cheated on the Bangerz singer, he’s holding his ground and trying to ignore them.

“What I keep in mind is I know what the truth is and that’s all that matters,” Liam shared.

As for his next girlfriend? Liam’s looking for someone a lot like Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence, who he recently described as a perfect example of sexy — especially since she’s played a vital role in helping him get through his break-up.

“For a few years I went down a path where I forgot to be in the moment and enjoy the moment,” Liam said. “But being around someone like Jen, who is so honest and laughs all day long, I am forced to be in the right now. I’m much happier.”

Source: People

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