Liam Hemsworth Is “Just Weeks Away” From Miley Cyrus Split — Weird Report
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Liam Hemsworth Is “Just Weeks Away” From Miley Cyrus Split — Weird Report

What are the odds, there are mixed reports — again — about the Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth relationship status.

The rumors caaaaan’t stop, and they woooon’t stop...

After Miley's twerking-and-tonguing VMAs performance, a source told RadarOnline that Liam was "mortified" and "couldn't be more embarrassed." Get in line, buddy! However, around the same time, a source told HollywoodLife that Miley was checking out bridal magazines and was getting excited about the eventual wedding. It seemed like things were back on track for the couple. And it's not like he didn't know he was engaged to a little twerking machine. He knows her better than the rest of us.

But now Us Weekly is quoting a source who said Liam "wants to make a clean break" from Miley, and he's "just weeks away from calling it off permanently."

Weeks away? He’s not exactly Katie Holmes, preparing for a top-secret divorce from Tom Cruise. If Liam ever does want to "call it off" he can just call it off and move out of Miley's L.A. home. These "sources" say he and Miley live more like roommates than lovers, but how would these people even know that?

Miley and Liam were last seen on the red carpet on August 8. There have been so many split rumors for them, and they still end up back together, so we won't be surprised either way — if they officially split or keep this going forever.

Source: Us Weekly