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Liam Hemsworth Strips Down in Italy — See the Hunger Hunk Shirtless! (VIDEO)

Gale Hawthorne may lead a hand-to-mouth existence in The Hunger Games' District 12, but his on-screen portrayer, Liam Hemsworth, is enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and the famous!

The 24-year-old actor has been touring Italy, and photographers spotted him shirtless and enjoying a boat ride in the beautiful town of Portofino.

Liam could likely use a little R&R — IMDb shows that the last two movies of the Hunger Games franchise, the Mockingjay two-parter, just finished filming two weeks ago, after being in production for nine months.

Plus, we bet that the 24-year-old Aussie wants a break from all the Miley Cyrus gossip. It must be hard when the fiancée with whom you break up happens to be one of the most popular and polarizing music stars in the world!

Making matters worse is the June leak of a Bangerz track that was never meant to see the light of day — a song called "Last Goodbye" which seems to be a heartbreak anthem.

"And when you said that we were forever," Miley sang. "I guess that’s just another lie."

But forget about all that, Liam! Just soak in that Italian sun, consume your weight in pasta and vino and go on with yo' hot self!