Library Claims 9-Year-Old Boy is “Too Good at Reading”
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Library Claims 9-Year-Old Boy is “Too Good at Reading”

Tyler Weaver thinks it’s good to be King, but his local library thinks it’s time for his reign to end.

The fifth grader earned the self-bestowed title of “King” of the reading club at the Hudson Falls Library in Hudson Falls, New York, for good reason. Tyler single handedly won the library’s “Dig Into Reading” event held this summer by reading a whopping 63 books in a span of six weeks.

According to Tyler’s mother, Kate Weaver, her son has been at the top of all of the reading contests ever since kindergarten. She says he’s read over 373 books, and participated in five contests.

To Kate and Tyler’s dismay, it seems that Hudson Falls Library Director Marie Gandron wants to see Tyler dethroned. Gandron told the Post-Star that it’s time to let someone else have a turn at winning. The library director said Tyler “hogs” the contest every year and that he should “step aside,” complaining that other kids “quit because they can’t keep up.”

Gandron went on to say that she was planning to change the contest rules so that instead of giving prizes to the children who read the most books, she would simply draw names out of a hat and declare winners that way, but now she can’t because Tyler’s mom publicized his win in the local media.

Upset by Gandron’s comments about her son, Katie told Today, “When he heard what the director said [about him] he was very upset. He’s never seen being good at reading to be a negative thing. And he shouldn’t! He realized that the director was wrong.”

The angry mom added, “I think Tyler deserves an apology. I want him to see that even though one person disagrees, if it’s something he wants to pursue, I think he should go for it. He learned a great lesson about ignoring negativity.”

What do you think, moms, should Tyler step aside and let others have a turn at winning the contest, or does this librarian need to apologize for her negative comments?

Source: Post-Star, Today

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08.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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