What\'s Next for O.J. Simpson After Prison: Netflix Binges, Florida Trips and More
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What’s Next for O.J. Simpson After Prison: Netflix Binges, Florida Trips and More


The Juice is loose, and he's making plans.

O.J. Simpson got released from prison in the early hours of October 1, after serving nine years on armed robbery charges.

And he certainly won't just be sitting around at home for the rest of his life or until his parole is over, that's for sure.

The former NFL star, who served nine years at the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Las Vegas, will be on parole until 2022. 

Despite wanting to move to Florida to reunite with his family, he cannot leave the state of Nevada until he gets permission to do so, and, well, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi doesn't really seem to want him there:

Still, O.J. is making the most of his newfound freedom in a myriad of ways.

For one, he plans to visit the grave of his late ex, Nicole Brown Simpson. In 1995, the athlete was acquitted of hers and her friend Ron Goldman's murders in what was dubbed the "trial of the century."

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“Mr. Simpson may want to go to California so he can visit Nicole’s grave,” Malcolm LaVergne, O.J.s attorney, tells InTouch.

“O.J. may be a convicted felon, but he still has rights. If that is what he wants, then he should be allowed to do so.”

The lawyer also tells the site his client wants to get in some good ol' TV binge-watching, just like the rest of us.

“Mr. Simpson plans to binge-watch The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story on Netflix,” Malcolm says of the award-winning limited series that aired on FX last year.


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“He will also be watching the documentary O.J.: Made in America.”

As for where he'll be doing all this TV-watching? For now, the dad of five will remain in Las Vegas, where he'll live in a wealthy gated community near close friends, E! News reports.



He also just wants to get back to enjoying life's "simple pleasures," like eating steak and getting a new iPhone, Michael told Good Morning America upon his release.

But don't expect to see the 70-year-old on TV anytime soon. He's been advised by his legal team to stay out of the spotlight indefinitely — and has already been rebuffing the paparazzi.


“I have advised him against doing any shows, as he needs to avoid publicity," Michael added to InTouch.

However, reports claim The Juice is trying to sell his first post-prison interview for a whopping seven figures, but the big TV networks aren't interested.

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"From a news perspective, it's probably a get," media consultant Bill Carroll tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"From an advertiser's perspective, it's something that most, if not all, advertisers would stay away from."

But he's been killing time by golfing since his release three days ago, according to ABC News, and was spotted by paparazzi poolside with his daughter, Arnelle.

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TMZ also got photos of the fallen football star signing USC and Buffalo Bills memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room. Sources say he was doing so for about two hours.

Only problem? He owes the Brown and Simpson families upwards of $100 million. So if he makes money under the table from signing these autographs and avoids paying the settlement, he could be violating federal tax laws, thus violating his parole, and end up back in jail.

Yikes. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!