Lil Scrappy Laments on Bambi’s Miscarriage: “I Wanted a Little Boy” (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Lil Scrappy Laments on Bambi’s Miscarriage: “I Wanted a Little Boy” (VIDEO)

We saw Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Lil Scrappy and girlfriend Bambi hit a major setback on Monday night’s episode,“New Help.” Scrappy learned that Bambi had miscarried the couple’s baby and, in this unaired clip, we see a distraught Scrappy break the news to his mom, Momma Dee.

“I thought I was gonna have me a little homie,” says a visibly upset Lil Scrappy. As much as Momma Dee tries to comfort her son, it’s apparent that he’s still a little shaken up by the thought of losing what could’ve been his second child and son.

“ I wanted a little boy. Emani to have someone to play with… to teach. I just feel like I was connected with it. Like I ain’t even seen the kid yet, but I was connected with it.”

Momma Dee attempts to soothe Scrappy by telling him that he will have his son sometime soon, and lets him in on the fact that she too miscarried her baby when Scrappy was just a few months old.

“That’s a very tragic experience to go through,” Momma Dee says. “I sympathize with her.” And because of this, Momma Dee offers to go check on Bambi, despite having expressed beliefs before in rumors that Bambi is “an industry ho.” Scrappy warns his mother to be nice to Bambi since she is going through a rough time, and Momma Dee tells her son that she will make a new start of her relationship with Bambi… while continuing to keep an eye on her.

Aww, poor Scrap!

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