Lilly Ghalichi and Fiancé Show Off PDA While Shopping at Target (PHOTO)
Credit: Lilly on Instagram    

Shahs of Sunset

Lilly Ghalichi and Fiancé Show Off PDA While Shopping at Target (PHOTO)

There's nothing more typically suburban than pushing a shopping cart through the grocery aisle while wearing sky-high stilettos, just like Shahs of Sunset’s Lilly Ghalichi.

This is what we all do, yes? With our fancy purses, sunglasses, and loving fiancés feeling us up from behind? Target sees this all the time.

Maybe not, but Lilly posted this pic with fiancé Dhar Mann on April 29, writing, "Domesticated." It's cute to see them so happy and in love, but as one commenter asked, "I'm just wondering who follows u around all day to take pics of u guys."

Is this not also typical of your Target experience — people walking around with cameras to photograph the most fashionable couples in the store? Maybe we’re all shopping in the wrong aisles.

Everything seems to be going well for Lilly and Dhar, in and out of their Target aisle domestic bliss. They recently got engaged after just a few months of dating, and she recently shared details on their plan for two weddings. One will take place in India with Dhar’s family — and that will be a two-week celebration with up to 2,000 guests. Sounds like a party! The second wedding will be in California and apparently that one will be more low-key, but Lilly told RumorFix she’ll "definitely invite some of the [Shahs] cast."

Sounds good so far, but Lilly and Dhar don’t seem to agree when it comes to how many kids they want and when they want to have them. Check out who wants what here. That could be a snag, but they’ll sort it out.

In the meantime, what do you think of this Target photo — cute couple in love or are you just shaking your head?

Source: Lilly on Instagram