Is Lilly Ghalichi Going to Give Up Her Massive Engagement Ring?
Credit: Dhar Mann on Instagram    

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Is Lilly Ghalichi Going to Give Up Her Massive Engagement Ring?

Forget the fact that Lilly Ghalichi got engaged on April Fools’ Day — we have way more important questions to ask her about taking the plunge. The Shahs of Sunset star has already clarified that her boyfriend of two months, Dhar Mann, popped the question on April 1, but what’s this we hear about her possibly giving up her GIANT ring?

Well, turns out the Lilly posted on her Instagram was a classic fakeout. That 12-carat ring (valued at $750K) photo was one she wore a few weeks ago on Watch What Happens Live. While this is her dream ring, Lilly says she recycled the photo because Dhar proposed without a ring.

“He rented this tiny island for us to have dinner at. There was a chef and a waiter and the only thing on this island is a little table for two,” Lilly told E! Online, setting the scene from a few weeks ago. “It was super romantic. He proposed to me there, but he didn’t have a ring. I was like, ‘Then it doesn’t count. I want a ring.’"

Is Lilly Ghalichi Going to Give Up Her Massive Engagement Ring?
Credit: Lilly Ghalichi on Instagram    

Being the great fiancé he obviously is, Dhar went out and got Lilly exactly what she wanted and proposed in the final minutes of April 1.

“The original ring I had worn had already been sold to another customer, but he went back to the dealer and had him make me an identical one — this time with a better quality diamond. The shape and setting is the same, but the diamond is better,” she said. “It wasn't ready yet, so Dhar had them take a video of it to show me. That's the video we posted. That's the ring I'm getting. It's supposed to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. So what started out as an engagement joke turned into a real engagement. It’s confusing, I know! But no one knew he had actually proposed to me for the first time weeks ago.”

Everything sounds like it’s squared away, right? Wrong.

“The only thing is, now I’m not sure that’s the ring I want!” Lilly revealed. “It’s so big — where am I going to wear something like that? After it arrives, I have seven days to decide if I want to keep it.”

Honey, keep the ring. That’s an order.

Can you believe Lilly might give up her giant engagement ring? Hit the comments and let us know if you’d keep it or return it.

Source: E! Online

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