Lily Allen Slams British TV Personality Who Fat-Shamed Her
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Lily Allen Slams British TV Personality Who Fat-Shamed Her

When outspoken British TV personality Katie Hopkins made degrading comments about Lily Allen's weight gain, the "Smile" singer responded in the most "oh snap" way we can imagine!

First, though, we'll start with Katie's heinous comments, made during a recent interview with Heat: "I'm not one for Lily Allen, really. I quite liked her when she was singing … [Then] she was removing herself from the spotlight because she wanted to be a mother — and that largely, I think, involved gaining two stone [about 28 pounds] and looking pretty hideous … Like [socialite Peaches Geldof], she is just famous for having a famous dad."

In a series of tweets — which she has since deleted — Lily responds to Katie's comments. "Katie Hopkins: I am not famous for having a famous dad," she starts. "I doubt that most of my fan base have a clue who my father is."

She then addresses her weight gain: "Yes, after tragically losing a child so late into my pregnancy I may have gained a few pounds. I am one of many that find comfort in food." (Lily lost a six-month pregnancy following a viral infection in 2010.)

The 28-year-old pop star says that she stayed on bed rest and avoided exercise during her next two pregnancies to minimize risk: "Funnily enough, survival of my children felt more important than being thin."

She then fires back: "Can somebody tell me what Katie Hopkins does except go on telly slagging off girls half her age? P.S. Katie looks are obviously important to you. There's always plastic surgery, ya know. Maybe they could sew your mouth up while they fix the rest of you."

And — as the coup de grace — Lily posted a photo to Instagram of her now-thin figure in a super-tight dress, writing, "Just going to the shop. Want anything Katie?"

Game, set, match!

Source: Daily Mail

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