Lindsay Lohan Shows the Most Side-Boob We Have EVER Seen! (PHOTO)
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Lindsay Lohan Shows the Most Side-Boob We Have EVER Seen! (PHOTO)

Gee, it’s been quite the day for the Lohan clan! First, Dina was arrested for a DWI for driving her BMW 22 miles an hour over the speed limit with a blood alcohol level of .20, then the family had an impromptu reunion when LiLo and Ali showed up at Dina’s pad… and now — It’s Sideboobgate 2013.

Just look at that picture! We are a little baffled at how one could show that much breast tissue and still dub the garment a “shirt.” Clearly, it’s not doing a lot for the structural support of her parts. Which is totally fine. Perhaps her next incarnation is more Lilith Fair than we might have imagined, but at least she seems free?

But seriously, we need to know what happened. Perhaps she and her sober coach were in the middle of tarping the kitchen floor so that she could paint the cabinets a sunnier color? Maybe she thought that neither her painting clothes, nor her now-buried designated DWI lawyer-meeting clothes were suitable to wear, and so she just wrapped a clean garbage bag around her neck? How very avant garde.

And then, projecting her empathetic understanding of feeling lonely in a crowd, she wanted her shirt to have company in its craziness. So, maybe she kept the tiny booty shorts on (you know, from the painting), and decided to be ladylike by covering up her milky thighs — with artistically ripped jazzercise leg warmers. Because fall is coming.

Then, on her way out the door, she grabbed this hat, to tie the outfit together. But you guys. The take home message is this: Lindsay Lohan went to help someone else who had gotten in trouble. #Progress

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09.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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