Lindsay Lohan Wants to See Her Mom on DWTS Season 14
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Dancing With The Stars

Lindsay Lohan Wants to See Her Mom on DWTS Season 14

Dancing With the Stars has always courted controversy, but the fans’ debate over the merit of the show’s title itself is always a fun one. What defines a “star”? More importantly, should it be called Dancing With the Stars Who Have Never Been Formally Trained? (Ahem, Jennifer Grey.)

Now that Lindsay Lohan has tweeted her official endorsement of Dina Lohan for next season’s cast, it’s time to regurgitate old arguments for and against Dina’s legitimacy as a candidate. Lindsay tweeted, “I want my mom @dinalohan to do #dancingwiththestars next season...she is an incredible dancer and has been dancing for years... :)”

That’s all well and good, Lindz, but you might want to leave out the fact that Dina’s been dancing for a long time. Lest you forget, Dina claims to be a former Rockette (despite Radio City saying there is no record of her ever dancing with them), which should disqualify her from DWTS. So which is it, Dina? Do you want to be on the show, thereby admitting you were never a Rockette? Or will you forgo your chances at new-found fame just to stick to that Rockette story? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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