We have no idea whether Lindsay Lohan is hitting the bottle, three months after leaving rehab, but a new photo published on TMZ certainly makes it look like she's reaching for wine.

In the photo — taken at a house in Hollywood Hills, California, where LiLo was hanging out before trying (and failing) to catch a late-night flight to New York City last night, October 22 — she appears to be reaching for a green glass bottle filled with dark liquid.

Check out the photo here.

As the site notes, there are no photos of the 27-year-old actress holding the bottle or taking a drink.

From the looks of the photo, the paparazzo in question snapped the shot from a considerable distance, peering through a window of the residence with a telephoto lens — which is pretty creepy and makes us feel a little bad for the former Disney star.

TMZ also reports that Lindsay has ditched her sober companion, claiming that she's able to go solo now — which doesn't really help her case.

We sincerely hope she staying sober — and perhaps just cooking with red wine.

Do you think Lindsay is back to her old ways? Or do you think there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this photo? Give us your thoughts below.

Source: TMZ

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