Lindsay Yenter on Juan Pablo and Sharleen: No Kids, No Deal! Exclusive
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Lindsay Yenter on Juan Pablo and Sharleen: No Kids, No Deal! Exclusive

Lindsay Yenter will forever be one of our favorite girls of all time, thanks to her spunky turn on The Bachelor Season 17. After stepping out of the car in a wedding dress, grinning bigger than anyone in the house, and then showing her realest self when Sean Lowe said goodbye to her in the finale, she totally cemented a place in the highest echelon of Bachelor Nation ladies. So, we were stoked to talk to her about the new season of her old show. Our topic of conversation today? Sharleen Joynt.

So far, the worldly woman has made major waves on the show, with her aloof manner and tendency to say things like “sir” and “bland” and “no” to Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. While other girls are pledging their love to him already, she just told the single dad on the January 27 episode that she probably doesn’t want kids. So, what does Yenter think of all this?

“Ummmm she’s interesting,” the soon-to-be-engaged gal told Wetpaint Entertainment recently. “She’s very different. Very different. I would think that the fact that she doesn’t want kids would be a total dealbreaker, but sometimes when you have chemistry, you ignore the big signals.”

True, that does happen a lot, and Emily Maynard even mentioned something like that being the reason for the end of her relationship to Season 15 Bachelor Brad Womack. Lindsay continues her explanation, adding that we’ve likely only seen a small fragment of Juan Pabs and Sharleen’s interactions. “You never know what’s being shown and what’s cut between them, but it just seems really different, really strange. I think that she’ll end up leaving him before he leaves her. She just seems in charge.”

Hmm, what an interesting prediction. But while there will be plenty of time to contemplate Sharleen’s stint length, there’s something much more pressing and awful we have to discuss: the kissing. Lindsay knows all about how awkward it can be...

“Yeah. I mean, kissing on camera is so uncomfortable anyway. When you’re aware of the cameras, some people want to look more passionate, or try to make it look sexy, like they’re really into it. The lip biting… I don’t know, everyone’s different, but there’s a lot that goes through your head.”

Funny, because there’s a lot that goes through our heads, watching Sharleen and Juan Pablo kiss, and it rhymes with “please stop.”

Want to read more about Lindsay’s take on the girls? We’ve got plenty more where that came from. Check out her big relationship news here, and come back later for more scoop from the darling Ms. Yenter.

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