Lindsay Yenter Weighs in on Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley! Exclusive
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The Bachelor

Lindsay Yenter Weighs in on Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley! Exclusive

Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell are going to be front and center on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, when they both make a play for Juan Pablo Galavis. While both girls have shown Juan Pablo all season that they really like him — albeit in different ways — they’ve never been too fond of one another, and Miami will see them face off with cuss words flying.

We talked to Season 17 runner-up Lindsay Yenter right when things started to heat up for Clare a couple episodes back, and asked her about how she felt about the two girls, what it’s like when you’re “not there to make friends,” and which one of the ladies she’d want to be friends with. Check out her thoughts and then let us know if you’re on the same page!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Some of the girls don’t seem to like Nikki. Do you?

Lindsay Yenter: I really, really like her. She seems like a fun girl to hang out with. She sees something she wants and just goes for it. You have to do that on The Bachelor. A lot of the girls get caught up in making friends… but I was definitely there for Sean.

Lindsay, are you saying you weren’t “there to make friends”?

[Laughs] I was there for Sean. I was already in a sorority in college. I already had the sisters thing. But I ended up making the best friends anyway.

You seemed to be out of the drama. Clare, on the other hand, has definitely caused some.

I mean, hey, if you get more time with him, that’s great. I’ll have to keep watching her before I know, you know, what she’s like.

Do you agree with Lindsay’s thoughts on Clare and Nikki? Tell us why or why not below! Want to read all about her exciting news? Check out our exclusive here

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