Bachelor Runner Up Lindsay Yenter — Where Is She Now?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Runner Up Lindsay Yenter — Where Is She Now?

It's been an entire year since Sean Lowe embarked on his love journey and accidentally-on-purpose fell in love with both Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici on Season 17 of ABC's The Bachelor. Time flies when you're having fun with a dozen cameramen who are taking HD footage of your nipples, right guys?!

Nowadays, Sean and Catherine are busy planning their hotly anticipated televised wedding (set for January 26, 2014), but what's Sean's runner-up, Lindsay, been up to? Well, this gal wasted no time going on the rebound, and just three months after being rejected by Sean during the season finale (which filmed in November 2012), Lindsay met her current boyfriend, Karl. Lindsay and Karl have been locked at the lips and hips since February 2013, and they're 100 percent committed to each other!

It looks like Lindsay and her man have relocated from Orange County, where Lindsay was a teacher at Dove Canyon Montessori School, and they currently live in San Diego –– home of Bachelorette Season 6's Roberto Martinez! Linds says her move "went great," and we're sure she's happily doing what she does best: trolling around the beach in a string bikini.

In other news, we expect Lindsay to settle down and pop out a few babies any day now. She made it super clear that she was ready to bare the fruit of Sean Lowe's looms while on The Bachelorette, and a few months ago told Wetpaint Entertainment that her teaching job gives her "baby fever" on the regular. Looks like we'll be on Bump Watch for most of 2014. Sigh, better stock up on boxed wine.

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