Bachelor Runner-Up Lindsay Yenter Shopping for Engagement Rings! Exclusive
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Runner-Up Lindsay Yenter Shopping for Engagement Rings! Exclusive

While we may be well underway in the new season of The Bachelor, we haven’t forgotten about our Season 17 favorite, Lindsay Yenter. Her once almost-fiancé Sean Lowe just married Catherine Giudici on Sunday, and Lindsay is making plans to get hitched, too! Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Sean’s runner-up, and though she’s been missing from the spotlight for a bit, it’s because she’s spent plenty of time getting close to boyfriend Karl — and that wedding dress she was wearing when we first met her!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You and Karl have been together about a year now. Any news?
Lindsay Yenter: Actually, yes! We might be planning a wedding soon.We’re not engaged yet but this year is going to be a big year for me — we may have already gone ring shopping...

Wow! That’s so exciting! You guys have made major strides since we last heard from you!
Yeah, and we bought a house and moved in together! It’s in San Diego. We have some work to do on it, but we’re living there while fixing it up and it might not be where we live forever, but it’s so great. Such a big, great step for us.

Bachelor Runner-Up Lindsay Yenter Shopping for Engagement Rings! Exclusive
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A house! A ring! What a difference a year makes...
It really just shows that everything happens for a reason. Every aspect of my life has been changed and fulfilled. It’s so cool to show what this show can bring, and the experiences that I’ve been able to find since then. Since leaving the spotlight, I’ve really been focused on my relationship and my family. I’ve backed out from a lot of public engagements… I definitely think my 15 minutes is over, and I’m excited for normalcy.

How did going on The Bachelor get you ready for all of this?
It’s made me realize the kind of guy I want. Karl isn’t the normal kind of guy I used to go for. I used to go for, like, bad boys. He’s got an amazing job, and he’s down to earth, and, you know, kind of the quiet type and a little nerdy. And after being on The Bachelor, and Sean being so good to me, it made me realize what I want as like a husband and a father. It’s not just like who looks cool on my shoulder.

So, do you have any big trips coming up? Maybe one where he might be planning some big surprise?
No, no. He’s a very private person. I think it’ll be something very lowkey, with only the two of us. But it’s really cool because one of my best friends just got engaged, too, so it’ll be really fun to go through all the planning together.

Bachelor Runner-Up Lindsay Yenter Shopping for Engagement Rings! Exclusive
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We’re so happy for you! You definitely deserve this. Do you know where you want to get married?
Yes, my family has a ranch in Carson Valley, Nevada. It’s my dream place because it’s their forever home, and it will be passed on through the family… They’re so excited, and they’re like fully planning parties already. I have to be, like, ‘Hold on guys. It hasn’t happened yet!’ but yeah, they’re really excited.

We can only imagine! Isn’t [the ranch] where Karl first met your parents?
Yeah, he met my mom a while ago, and then met my dad a few months ago. We went to Nevada and my dad was being presented with an award, and he took Karl out with all of his fraternity brothers. They got him drunk and, I felt so bad, my dad and his buddies all grilled Karl. But he passed with flying colors and got my dad’s approval.

Well, we can’t wait to hear about the proposal. It will no doubt be romantic.
Absolutely. Thanks so much!

Congratulations to Lindsay Yenter! As soon as Karl pops the question, we’ll let you know. And in the meantime, we talked to Linds about her Season 18 favorites, Sean and Catherine’s wedding, and… Burning Man? Check back soon with Wetpaint Entertainment for all the scoop on sweet Lindsay and her exciting new life.

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