Lindsay Yenter Thinks Desiree Hartsock Should Pick… Exclusive
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The Bachelor

Lindsay Yenter Thinks Desiree Hartsock Should Pick… Exclusive

Lindsay Yenter hung with Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock for a coupla months on The Bachelor Season 17, when both ladies were competing for Sean Lowe’s musk. So, if anyone knows who our lady love should hurl herself at when Bachelorette 2013 begins on May 27, it’s Linds.

Lindsay Yenter Thinks Desiree Hartsock Should Pick… Exclusive
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Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Sean’s runner-up to chat about just what kind of guy could be man enough for a gal like Des.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Hey Lindsay. You know Desiree better than most people, having spent a few weeks with her and watching her fall in love with the man you were pursuing as well. Do you think you have a pretty good grasp on what she’s looking for?Lindsay Yenter:
Well, Des is really fun, sweet, adventurous, and active. So, someone like that.

Did you see any guys, from the promos or trailers, that you really like for her?
Yeah. I don’t know the names yet, but I really like the guy with the long hair. The taller one, really cute. What’s his name?

Brooks Forester. Yeah, he’s really cute. He also has 9 siblings. Do you think that Des would be okay being in a family that big?
Oh wow! Yeah, definitely. She just has such a fun personality. She never had a problem with any of the girls [on The Bachelor], and I think she’d get along just great in that family.

Lindsay Yenter Thinks Desiree Hartsock Should Pick… Exclusive
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What is it that you liked about Brooks?
Her whole body language sort of changed. And, just from the little bit that I saw, she seemed to have this glow about her. She seemed really relaxed. I loved to see that side of her.

Did you see that when she was with Sean?
I didn’t really see her with Sean. Well, I guess when I watched the show... Yeah, I mean, I saw... Des always has this great side to her. This happy, beautiful side to her. And she definitely had that with Sean, but this is more of a different comfort level. I don’t know, but I’m really excited for her. I also saw her have a lot of chemistry with some other guys as well. So, in the end, I’m just excited to watch the show.

Will Des pick Lindsay’s choice for her, Brooks, or does another guy catch her eye? For Bachelorette spoilers on Desiree Hartsock’s final four, winner, and everything else you might wanna know, follow #bachelorettespoiler on Twitter and check back on Wetpaint for more info throughout the season.

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