‘16 & Pregnant’ Star Lindsey Harrison Gets Biggest Boobs Money Can Buy (PHOTOS)

16 and Pregnant

‘16 & Pregnant’ Star Lindsey Harrison Gets Biggest Boobs Money Can Buy (PHOTOS)


It was basically worldwide news back in January when Dr. Miami performed drastic plastic surgery on Kailyn Lowry and her Teen Mom 3 pals, Brittany and Briana Dejesus.

Now, the celebrity-loving plastic surgeon has done it again on another gal from the 16 & Pregnant franchise!

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Season 4’s Lindsey Harrison went under Dr. Miami’s knife to get a boob job, but these aren’t just any ol’ boobs, guys. She reportedly went in as an A-cup and left with 800 cc implants, the largest size legally allowed in the United States.

Credit: Snapchat    
Credit: Snapchat    

As with most of Dr. Miami’s patients, whose real name is Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the entire surgery was documented on his Snapchat account, because #YOLO.

The 21-year-old’s social media accounts are on private, but according to Perez Hilton, the young mom is happy with the results though she complained afterward about side effects from the anesthesia.

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“This nausea is no joke,” she tweeted.

And you’re probably wondering what else Lindsey, who claims she turned down an offer to be a part of Teen Mom 3, has been up to since we met her on the show in 2012, right?

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Well, for one, the Nevada native got married in 2015 and now goes by her married name, Lindsey Nicholson. Her husband, TJ, has stepped up as a father figure for her daughter, Aniyah, since the baby’s biological father, Forest, is no longer present.

It’s unknown if Lindsey is still a cage-fighter — that was her main claim to fame on 16 & Pregnant. If so, we just hope she can find a sports bra that will support her new assets while she’s in the ring.

These boobs are no joke!