16 & Pregnant\'s Lindsey Nicholson Shares Scary Update on Her Premature Twins (UPDATE)

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16 & Pregnant’s Lindsey Nicholson Shares Scary Update on Her Premature Twins (UPDATE)


UPDATE (12/5/17 at 11:41 a.m. ET):

Lindsey Nicholson's twins are still in the hospital.

The 16 & Pregnant star gave birth to her babies, Jackson and Paisley, at 29 weeks pregnant in October, and they're still in the NICU, getting bigger and building up strength.

But one of the babies has suffered another terrifying setback in her road to recovery.

The former reality star, who just recently got to hold both babies together for the first time, revealed that Paisley is being transported to a separate hospital in Houston to see a liver specialist, as the newborn has been having liver issues that have thus far gone undiagnosed. The poor baby might even need surgery.

"This isn’t how any of this is supposed to go," she captioned the picture. 

"I just want my babies home together. I shouldn’t have to chose which baby to be with in the nicu & or have to leave either in another city."

However, both Lindsey's son and daughter are making progress, as they recently got moved to more open incubators in the NICU, are eating well and gaining weight, and have overall had good blood and test results.

We're praying for you and your adorable babies, Linds!

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UPDATE (11/6/17 at 10:21 a.m. ET):

One of Lindsey Nicholson's twins has suffered a setback.

The 16 & Pregnant star gave birth to her son and daughter last week at only 29 weeks pregnant. And though both are in the NICU due to being born early, they're doing okay overall.

But a scary turn of events has left the former MTV reality star to turn to fans for prayers.

Lindsey's daughter, Paisley, is being tested in the hospital for meningitis as she is suffering from a staph infection, she revealed on Instagram, via Starcasm.


“They are doing a spinal tap now on her to see if it’s moved into her spine & caused meningitis. She’s also getting a blood transfusion. Please,please, please say a prayer for her!" Linds wrote on Saturday.

Unfortunately, she hasn't updated fans since, but here's to hoping little Paisley is doing okay!

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Original story (10/27/17 at 10:21 a.m. ET):

It's a boy — and a girl! — for this 16 & Pregnant alum!

Lindsey Harrison, who now goes by her married name Lindsey Nicholson, has officially given birth to twins.

The babies were born 11 weeks before their due date after a dangerous, high-risk pregnancy, but thankfully are doing okay.

We first met Lindsey, then an aspiring cage-fighter, on Season 4 of 16 & Pregnant, where she gave birth to daughter Aniya, now 6, while she was still in high school.

She's mostly kept a low profile over the years but resurfaced in 2015 when she literally got the biggest breast implants known to man.

And since announcing in May that she and her husband, TJ, were expecting twins, Lindsey has been keeping followers up to date on her pregnancy, which was deemed high-risk from the start.

She was hospitalized in September at just 24 weeks pregnant, but luckily was sent home after running a few tests.

Ever since early October, however, she's been on bed rest at the hospital as her medical team tried to prevent delivery for as long as possible.

And after less than 30 weeks gestation, the babies, Jackson and Paisley, are here.


“Yesterday after a 26 hour labor we got to welcome Paisley & Jackson into the world at 29 weeks-4days,” the proud mom wrote on Instagram (via Starcasm).

Jackson James was the first born at 1:55 p.m, and he weighed 3.51 pounds. Paisley Lee was next at 2:07 p.m, weighing in at 2.15 pounds.


And though the babies have a long road ahead of them, the mom of three and her husband are feeling blessed that their children are here safe and sound.


"My heart has never been so full. I knew having preemie babies would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for how hard it truly is," she wrote of the journey.

"My heart hurts. Knowing tomorrow I have to leave this hospital without them crushes me."

Pregnancy was really rough for the Texas native, who was diagnosed with both anemia and gestational diabetes during those seven or so months.



“This pregnancy is just kicking my butt," she tweeted at the time. 

"Way to [sic] many hormones for my body to handle. Twin pregnancy is no joke!”

Meanwhile, Aniya's father Forest is no longer in her life and her step-dad, TJ, formally adopted her when he married her mom in 2015.




Congrats to the entire Nicholson family on their new additions — we're praying they can go home to meet their big sister soon!