Did Bachelor 16 Runner-Up Lindzi Cox Just Take a Dig at Courtney Robertson?
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Did Bachelor 16 Runner-Up Lindzi Cox Just Take a Dig at Courtney Robertson?

When you write a book titled I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, you’re pretty much signing up to make a couple enemies. Courtney Robertson, Bachelor Season 16 winner and Ben Flajnik’s ex, dished on her reality show experience in her new tell-all and she didn’t take it easy on her castmates. One fellow rose seeker who doesn’t appear to appreciate Courtney’s treatment of her in the gossip tome? Runner up, Lindzi Cox.

The horse whisperer took to Twitter yesterday, and though we can’t be sure that Lindzi is taking a dig at Court, it definitely seems like it. “I truly love people who see the best in others, not find any reason to tear them down #icameheretomakefriends,” the Seattle sweetie tweeted.

It would seem that the hashtag is a direct comment on the title of C.Rob’s book. Though Courtney told Wetpaint in an exclusive interview that she “never had any beef” with Lindzi, Court did refer to the runner-up as “boring” on the show. Though that was not, by far, the cattiest of her comments about fellow Season 16 contestants while filming, it still didn’t sit well with Lindz at the time.

L.Cox handled her dismissal from the show with the utmost of class, and in contrast to Miss Robertson, never had an ill word to say about anyone. So her tweet could truly be just a reminder to us all to play nice. But given the timing of her missive (the day after Court’s book hit stands) and the on-point hashtag, we’re thinking Lindz didn’t like what the TV “villain” told in her tell-all.

What do you think? Is Lindzi taking a dig at Courtney, or is the timing of the tweet just coincidence?

Source: Lindzi on Twitter