Has Bachelor Pad’s Lindzi Cox Moved On From Kalon McMahon?

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Has Bachelor Pad’s Lindzi Cox Moved On From Kalon McMahon?

Last year, right around this time, Kindzi was born. Lindzi Cox, Ben Flajnik’s second favorite girlfriend on The Bachelor 16, and Kalon McMahon, Emily Maynard’s least favorite boyfriend on The Bachelorette 8, found love in the hopeless place of Bachelor Pad Season 3.

They were a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, they didn’t last. In January, Lindzi told Wetpaint Entertainment the long-distance nature of their relationship played a part (she was in Seattle, he was in California), along with a lack of communication and trust. So we resigned ourselves to never knowing what crazy names they’d give their kids, and felt sorry for horse-whispering Lindzi — who had infamously been texted to “Dumpsville” by another ex-boyfriend.

In February, Lindzi shared this awesome message on Twitter, labeling it "Sorry boys ;)":

"YES... I'm single

and you'll have to be f*cking amazing to change that"

Love it! But maybe she found someone effing amazing? She shared this intriguing tweet earlier today (July 26): “Advise please! What is a creative birthday gift for boyfriend who has everything?” Does she have a new boyfriend … who has everything? If so, she may have a type. Kalon was the guy who arrived in a helicopter and seemed like he was used to a life of privilege. Interestingly enough, Kalon's Twitter account, @KalonMcM, still has a photo of him with Lindzi as the background.

If Lindzi did find a new man, he’s a lucky guy! If he already has a helicopter and self-help books with advice on how to foster communication and trust, maybe she could … dunno. What do you give a boyfriend who has everything? Just more of your precious time (while you wear sexy lingerie and give him a lap dance)?

Source: @LindziCox