Lisa Hochstein Defends Right to Tear Down House on Twitter
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Lisa Hochstein Defends Right to Tear Down House on Twitter

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein isn't a fan of anyone who says that she shouldn't tear down her Miami home.

The reality star and husband Leonard have been getting flak from preservationists who want to stop the couple from destroying their home at 42 Star Island.

But Lisa received a big step forward in the courtroom battle this week when the preservationist league lost its appeal to protect the home which was built in 1925 from demolition.

Now, Lisa is explaining on Twitter why she doesn't feel that the home needs to be preserved.

"Don't have to defend the fact to anyone that we will tear OUR private single-family home down," Lisa writes on June 12. "It's not a public property, people. Ridiculous."

Lisa feels that the time wasted on the home battle could be better used on more important matters.

"The crazy things people focus on when there are children to be loved, homeless to feed, animals to be saved, and cancer to cure," she adds. "Ridiculous."

Long story short: Lisa apparently thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, in case you didn't get that.

Apparently, some fans are worried that Lisa's home was used in the film Scarface, since Lisa recently threw a Scarface-themed party there. But Lisa is setting the record straight on that as well.

"It is not the Scarface house it's a lie," she says, explaining that home used for Scarface is actually located in L.A.

So preservationists should prepare to say hello to my little friend goodbye to Lisa's home.

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