Lisa Hochstein Gives the City of Miami the Middle Finger
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Lisa Hochstein Gives the City of Miami the Middle Finger

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has a very specific finger to direct at anyone who didn't appreciate her recent house party.

Lisa and husband Leonard hosted a gangster-themed party at their Miami mansion last week, which made some people quite upset.

The Miami Design and Preservation League is trying to get the home declared "historic" before the couple can manage to tear it down.

Thus, the preservationists did not appreciate the party and said it disproves the couple's claims that the home is unsafe.

However, Lisa doesn't appear to really care what the naysayers think.

“Yes, if you took the party as a message and the middle finger, you are right! Have a nice day :),” she tweeted on May 29.

“What the Miami preservationists think about what I do with my home is #10000000000000000 on my list of things i care about,” she added.

"Until we tear down 42 Star Island, we will throw as many theme parties as we want," Lisa continues. "Cant wait for the next one! Any suggestions? :)"

The preservationists did not appear to be amused, as the league's chairman responded to her tweets, "Keeping it classy.”

We would say that sending a middle finger to the city of Miami is not the best way to endear people to your cause. Then again, Lisa is the type to pretty much do whatever she wants.

Source: Twitter