Lisa Rinna on The Real Housewives Beverly Hills: “I’d Kill Them All!” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Rinna on The Real Housewives Beverly Hills: “I’d Kill Them All!” (VIDEO)

Lisa Rinna has long since dispelled the rumors that she's joining the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and in a new interview with HuffPost Live, she gave more rationale for her decision not to do the show — and yes, death threats are involved.

"Would you like to see me be a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills? I mean, like, really think about it. Seriously?"

The HuffPost host suggested that Lisa would be the sole truth-teller of the bunch, the one who's not concerned with being a people pleaser.

"Do you realize I would chew them all up and spit them out?" Lisa replies. "Like, does anyone realize what I would do to those poor women? Because I am a housewife of Beverly Hills, because I have lived in that world for 25 years, they would not have a chance with me. I mean, seriously. They wouldn't. I'd kill them all!

"I would probably squash Brandi Glanville in the first five seconds … I don't want to have to have drama in my life, and I would dive into the biggest pool. Because I couldn't help myself. I'd have to cut all of their heads off."

But the actress does rave about the Beverly Hills wives she likes. Check out the full video to find out which lucky ladies receive her praise!

Source: Huffington Post