Lisa Vanderpump Responds to Brandi Glanville’s Claim That Giggy Is “Medicated”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Responds to Brandi Glanville’s Claim That Giggy Is “Medicated”

If you ask us, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump can bicker if they want to, but they should keep the adorable Giggy out of it. However, that isn't the case this week, as Brandi claims that Lisa's pet pomeranian is on meds. So what does Lisa have to say about the matter?

Brandi appears on Watch What Happens Live last night, where she and fellow guest Jenny McCarthy are asked for their immediate reaction to a series of topics. One of the topics is "Giggy." Jenny doesn't appear to know who that is, so her response is, "Boobies." But Brandi's remark is far more incendiary: "Medicated." Whoaaaa!

Andy Cohen is shocked by Brandi's claim and nervously cracks up laughing. So Brandi then defends her comment. "He is she gives him Xanny [Xanax]," Brandi says.

As you might have guessed, Lisa does not appreciate this. "No, of course the gigster is not medicated," Lisa tweets. "Just another nasty comment. He is a chilled lil dog whose only problem is his alopecia."

After reading Lisa's tweet, not to mention the angry responses from a bunch of Twitter followers, Brandi tweets back, "it was a JOKE!" Uh, if you say so, Brandi.

Do you think Brandi crossed a line by claiming Giggy is medicated?

Source: Bravo, Lisa on Twitter