Lisa Vanderpump: Brandi Glanville Is a “Puppeteer” — and Is Lying About the Tabloids
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump: Brandi Glanville Is a “Puppeteer” — and Is Lying About the Tabloids

On this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards asks Lisa Vanderpump at dinner whether Brandi Glanville's story about Lisa packing the tabloids to Palm Springs is true. Now, Lisa is trying to make sense of the accusations.

"I understand from [Brandi's] comments and tweets, she felt a little jealous at the fact that Kyle and I were on friendly terms," Lisa writes in her Bravo blog. "[W]hy shouldn't we be? So she decided to create a wedge between us fabricating a story that would question our friendship... Creating a lie that would have severe consequences."

Lisa says she is hurt by the ladies questioning her at the dinner table and says she has already "vehemently denied" Brandi's story. Lisa believes the women were practicing "safety in numbers" by ganging up on her at dinner. Lisa also points out that she doesn't appreciate Yolanda Foster's "constant snipes" at her, and she feels Kim Richards was being "being inexplicably rude" to Ken.

"So really, the essence of this episode is, who should you believe? Brandi or me," Lisa concludes. "There is definitely a puppeteer in this scenario, and I trust that you will figure it out."

It's tough to know that Lisa and Brandi are still having such a tough time getting along, given that they used to be so tight. So did Brandi really just concoct the story about Lisa and the tabloids? That would be hard to believe, and yet, Brandi is certainly hard to understand at times.

Do you believe Lisa or Brandi?

Source: Lisa's Bravo Blog