Which RHoBH Was “Honest and Supportive” to Lisa Vanderpump During the Reunion?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Which RHoBH Was “Honest and Supportive” to Lisa Vanderpump During the Reunion?

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can seem a bit lonely for Lisa Vanderpump, who seems to be have almost all of the cast turning on her for some reason. However, there's one lady in particular who had Lisa's back at the recent Season 4 reunion taping.

One person whom you probably guessed would not have Lisa's back would be Brandi Glanville and you'd sadly be right. We've heard that the two seemed to be on the path to patching things up at the reunion but their recent beef over Lisa's supposed near-bankruptcy has revived the era of bad feelings between them.

However, Lisa and Joyce Giraud appear to be on stellar terms right now. The two got off to a rocky start this season when Lisa apparently resented Joyce for trying to fix her hair and then making an issue about it. But now, Lisa tweets that Joyce was in her corner at the reunion.

A fan asks Joyce and Lisa on Twitter on February 20, "Is it true @joycegiraud that you turn on @LisaVanderpump at the reunion as well?" And Lisa responds, "Nnooooo she was honest and supportive!"

This is great to hear! And Joyce appreciates the kind words, as she then tweets at Lisa, "xoxo❤️."

Phew! It's nice to know that Lisa is building at least one solid friendship with a cast member at the moment. And we wonder if this is a sign that Joyce and Kyle Richards are no longer close, as we had recently speculated. Uh-oh.

Are you surprised that Joyce and Lisa are getting along so well?

Source: Lisa on Twitter