Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Kim Richards For “Low Blow” About Her Kids
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Kim Richards For “Low Blow” About Her Kids

The ongoing tension between Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Richards has revved up on recent episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, Lisa is calling Kim out for implying that she doesn't love her two children equally.

On this week's episode, Kim tries to apologize to Lisa's husband, Ken Todd, but he barely acknowledges it. We also hear Kim say in the episode that Lisa doesn't have any friends and only cares for Ken, biological daughter Pandora, and dog Giggy. As you know, Pandora and Ken also have an adopted son, Max.

Now, Lisa makes it clear that she does not appreciate Kim's comment. "My son is not sure that he really wants to be involved in reality he works 5 days a week at SUR though," she tweets on March 11. "Yes, I love both my children equally."

"It is his decision, and after this season, I can't say I blame him! However @KimRichards11 low blow," she adds. "My children, regardless of how they got here, are equal in my eyes... they know that, hate for anyone to intimate otherwise."

We can't we blame Lisa for being hurt that anyone would think she loves her children any differently, regardless of the fact that we see more of Pandora on RHoBH and Vanderpump Rules than we do of Max.

We're not entirely convinced that Kim didn't just mistakenly forget about Max. Still, it would be nice if Kim would apologize to Lisa for the jab.

Do you think Lisa is right to be hurt by Kim's comments?

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