Lisa Vanderpump on Kim and Ken’s ‘Cavalier Attitude’ in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 18
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump on Kim and Ken’s ‘Cavalier Attitude’ in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 18

Nobody can deny Kyle Richards was preoccupied all of Season 2 with sister Kim Richards — from who she dates to where she lives — but some of the other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, were sick of the blonde housewife’s flaky antics. Lisa Vanderpump recently opened up about Mauricio’s painfully awkward birthday dinner on her Bravo blog and revealed she thought it was high time Kyle gave her sibling the brush-off.

Lisa writes that Kim’s extravagant story about why she and Ken didn’t make it to Hawaii on time and later their ambivalence about joining the group for the catamaran trip were annoying, but she wasn’t about to let Kim ruin her good time. “I was beginning to lose patience. After so many months of feeble excuses, it didn't matter to me with whom she arrived or what paltry tale or trivial excuse was made,” Lisa says.

As expected, Kyle and Mauricio couldn’t let go of Kim’s bad behavior and “questioned her relentlessly at [Mauricio’s birthday] dinner table,” Lisa recalls. “It was an uncomfortable scenario.” Lisa wanted to support Kyle, but writes, “At what point do you come to the conclusion that some things never change? We had endured six months of a plethora of excuses, of no shows, of fabricated reasons. It was becoming a joke — just not a funny one.” The next night at dinner was no different. “There was no possible chance of ignoring the cavalier attitude of Ken and Kim,” according to Lisa. Once again, Kyle unceasingly questioned Kim about her behavior until she and Ken left the table. Lisa says Kyle wanted an apology, “which was never going to happen.”

Lisa also writes that her blossoming friendship with Brandi Glanville is legit, saying she thinks she found kindred spirit: “Even when I pulled the strings on her non-existent bikini, rendering her almost completely naked, she did not bat an eye. Haha. Me thinks, she’s a likely recruit for my mischief!” We must admit, we are enjoying the bawdy banter between these two beauties immensely.

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