We always wonder if the ladies on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sometimes regret the things that they say. Well, we now know that at least one of them does.

Lisa Vanderpump is typically hilarious on the show, as she has no trouble tossing out witty bon mots and quips. However, she tells E! News that she has said some things she wishes she could take back.

"Oh god, every week I do, yes, absolutely!" Lisa says. "But they shoot so much, and then you see it six months later, so sometimes it can be difficult."

However, despite the occasional regrets, Lisa is very happy to be on the show. "But it's also been a incredible experience for me," she adds. "I wouldn't be sitting here now [if not for the show]. It's given me so many opportunities and to do incredible things."

Interesting! We now wonder which things Lisa wishes she could take back. She is currently embroiled in feuds with Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Foster, not to mention that she isn't too tight with Kyle Richards or Kim Richards. So we're curious if she wishes she could change how things have gone with any of those ladies. 

What in particular do you think Lisa wants to take back?

Source: E! Online