Credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images Photo: Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy the Pom at the Holiday Pet Portraits Debut on November 14, 2013

There's a swan on the lam, everybody!  

The animals of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are becoming more famous than the people. Brandi Glanville's lost dog was recently featured on the show, and Lisa Vanderpump's Giggy is basically the star of the entire series.

Unfortunately, animal lover Lisa just lost one of her own pets ... although, it's not quite the same as Brandi's dog.

As Lisa tweeted on Christmas Eve day, "I know it's what some people may call 'a high class problem' however,1 of my baby swans took off yesterday,if anyone in Bh sees errant swan."

Credit: Twitter Photo: Lisa Vanderpump's Swans

She added the photo show, writing, "Please bring him back! He is only a few months old didn't think he could fly yet..."

She shared this second photo, writing, "Loooooook Bring him back...!!"

She also noted, "Just don't any of you think he is a turkey... #keephimoutofoven." Ha!

Since this is clearly more important and interesting than anything human celebs are doing, TMZ picked up the story. Then Lisa tweeted, "Ooh my swan is on tmz ...I think he got nervous he heard about the turkey at thanksgiving..." She also quipped, "He might have checked in to the Bel air hotel for xmas,they have a pond...I wonder.."

Or maybe he was cast on the next season of Dancing With the Stars and went off to rehearse. But hopefully he’s fine, just enjoying his own adventure, and comes home soon. Good luck, little guy!

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