Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken Todd Pulled Over By the Cops — But Why?
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Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken Todd Pulled Over By the Cops — But Why?

Ken Todd never struck us as the wild and crazy type, but Lisa Vanderpump’s husband drew the attention of police over the weekend for a traffic violation — but it possibly wasn’t even his fault!

TMZ reports Ken was driving his white Bentley through West Hollywood at night when he was pulled over by a cop, who noticed Ken’s headlights weren’t on.

It’s an honest mistake, and something everyone has probably done at some point. But TMZ has its own theory for why Ken Todd was cruising down the street sans headlights.

Right before getting pulled over, Ken had picked up Lisa Vanderpump from their restaurant, SUR, and most likely left his ride with a valet briefly. We’re not hip to luxury car culture in California, but it’s apparently a bad habit for certain valet drivers to turn off a vehicle’s headlights while taking care of a guest’s car.

Needless to say, this scenario could have very well happened to Ken as he picked up Lisa and drove off without checking his lights.

Thankfully for Ken, he escaped his run-in with the law unscathed and drove off without receiving a ticket. The cop must have been powerless to resist the charms of Giggy the Pom — after all, he’s a very convincing creature!

Source: TMZ