Watch: Naya Rivera’s Santana Sings “If I Die Young” in Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute
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Watch: Naya Rivera’s Santana Sings “If I Die Young” in Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute

Santana (Naya Rivera) has a hard time talking about her feelings. Singing, quite often, has been a way for the snarky, sarcastic beauty to really express how she feels on the inside. So when Finn passes away on Glee, it makes sense she would want to sing about it. And it's fitting that Santana's song in the Cory Monteith tribute episode, Season 5, Episode 3: "The Quarterback" is so powerful.

In this week's episode, Santana sings "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry as a tribute to Finn after the characters learn of his death. Obviously, the lyrics are appropriate, and Santana's version is especially moving and heartfelt. It's not easy to listen to this one without immediately getting emotional.

So what do you think of the song choice? We're not used to Santana doing much country music - although she did quite well with Taylor Swift's "Mine" last season - but her voice is so versatile that it can really handle any genre.

We've also gotten to to watch Rachel's (Lea Michele) song from the episode, "Make You Feel My Love," which was originally by Bob Dylan and covered by Adele. As you can imagine, this one is incredibly beautiful and sad as well.

Santana and Finn had a bumpy relationship at times, given that their one-night stand led to Finn and Rachel breaking up, not to mention that Finn is the one who inadvertently outed Santana. However, they seemed to be close last season, with Santana enlisting Finn to help Brody (Dean Geyer) learn a thing or two in that hotel room when Finn calls Rachel his "future wife."

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