Listen to Hilary Duff’s New Song “Chasing the Sun” — Luca Loves It!
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Hilary Duff

Listen to Hilary Duff’s New Song “Chasing the Sun” — Luca Loves It!

Hilary Duff’s new song just hit the interwebz (a day earlier than expected) but it’s already got a No. 1 fan: Hil’s son, Luca!

“Chasing the Sun” sounds like the opening tune to a Disney series and we mean that in a nice way. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, and, most of all it’s danceable. Just ask Luca!

In an Insta-video posted by Hil, she shows her little man shaking what his mama gave him while outside soaking up the sunshine. “Chasing the Sun” plays in the background, we’re guessing from that phone we see off to the left of the frame. “#fun #partyanimal #chasingthesun #beachday,” the former Disney star captions her video. So obviously Luca has to be in the song’s music video, right?

“Chasing the Sun” is Hilary’s return to pop music after a hiatus of several years when she was off, well, chasing her son. But now that Luca’s a bit bigger, his 26-year-old mama is looking to get back to the studio, with a whole album in the works!

“I’ve worked very hard and the album is a great representation of the experiences I’ve had in my life and where I want to go from here!” she told E! Online about her latest project. “‘Chasing the Sun’ is a light and fun summer song that I hope helps people to feel a little more carefree.”

Well, it’ll certainly be a hit at playgroup!

What do you think of “Chasing the Sun”? Totally perfect for summer or a bit too bubble gum for your tastes?

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