Juan Pablo Galavis

This Sweet Little Boy Grew Up to Be a Hated Reality Star — Who Is He?

Sweet overalls, papi!

Check out the giant smile, sweet face, and bangs-rich hair on the little guy in this pic. The photo looks to be from around the mid-1980s, and the boy with the MAD STYLE shared this pic on Mother’s Day to thank his mama.

While we never would’ve guessed it from the innocence in this shot, the little guy grew up to be one of the most HATED reality stars of all time. There are some who love him — or, at least, like him A LOT — but the vast majority went from issuing wolf whistles to fist shakes in the matter of just a few weeks. Why? Well, let’s just say he had some QUESTIONABLE behavior during his run as the star of one of the longest-running shows on TV.

Need another hint about who he is? He captioned the photo to thank his mom for always being there for his DAUGHTER, who is now about the same age as this Venezuelan-raised man was in this throwback pic.

Think you know who we’re talking about? Click through to see if you’re right!