The Bachelor

This Little Lady is Getting Married Sunday: Which Reality Star Is It?

A girl only gets married once (well, she only gets married for the first time once) so it’s totes understandable that this former rose seeker has been all up in our faces this week with her #weddingweek photos on Instagram. Girlfriend is EXCITED and so are we. This brunette bubbler first graced our TV screens looking for love back in early 2012 and then again, briefly, in 2013. After so much Marco Polo’ing, we’re so happy to see she’s finally found her forever man friend.

Though we first met the Knoxville native when she showed off impressive baton skills, she was once just a tiny flower-n-frill-covered child in this church photo she shared on Instagram. Girl can clearly twirl these days, and based on this TBT pic, we’d bet she got her love of flounce at a young age!

The second time she came into our world was a bit of a surprise, but we were thrilled to see her crash the party. Too bad the party’s guest of honor wasn’t quite as happy to see her as us. We didn’t get enough of her either round, and we were sad when she turned down an offer to star in a spinoff of our all-time favorite reality series. ;

Think you know who we be talking about? Click through to see if you’re right.