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Little People, Big World: See Jeremy Roloff Plan His Proposal! (VIDEO)

When you are a twin, your sibling is pretty much your other half from birth. So what happens when you find a new other half, aka the person you want to spend your life with? That’s something Little People Big World’s Jeremy Roloff had to figure out recently when he decided to propose to his girlfriend of four years.

In the clip from the TLC show, the 23-year-old Skypes his bro Zach from California to tell him the big news. Luckily for Jeremy, his twin is totally understanding and excited — perhaps because he was already planning his own engagement?!

So how does Jeremy break the news to his twin? The way any typical young guy would: “I have some heavy stuff coming down the pipe. I think I’m going to ask Audrey to be my wife.”

Zach’s response is pretty cute — though equally bro-y — as he beams through the computer screen and says, “That’s awesome, dude.” Yeah, man!

Then the two get into the nitty gritty, as Jeremy dishes on the ring (“one of a kind”). However, it sounds like he’s got a lot going into his elaborate surprise proposal, as the two are keeping it completely on the down low.

“Zach’s my twin brother, so obviously I had to tell him that I was getting engaged. But I didn’t want anyone else to know because it could possibly ruin the surprise for Audrey, and I just need it to be perfect,” Jeremy dishes.

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