The ‘Little Women: LA’ Couples Retreat Cast Faces Their Demons (VIDEO) — Exclusive
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Little Women

The ‘Little Women: LA’ Couples Retreat Cast Faces Their Demons (VIDEO) — Exclusive


The Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat cast has shown all sides of themselves this season — good and bad.

In recent weeks, we saw Matt and Chris duke it out and the Tiny Twinz nearly breakup, but we also watched the couples tackle their fears in a rappelling challenge.

And now, they’re going to confront their demons once and for all!

In an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode, we see the whole crew gathered for some sort of ceremony.

“Here’s your opportunity to take ownership of your demon and to cast that thing out once and for all,” group leader Hasani announces.

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From there, everyone starts shouting out their biggest challenges and struggles — on and off the show.

For some, it’s simple one-word answers, like Jordan being “afraid,” Amanda “overthinking” things, and Tonya being “unforgiving.”

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Others have a little more complex hurdles to overcome, such as Kerwin who needs to “stay focused on main goals,” and David who wants to be “taking on new challenges.”

That confession from David has wife Jazmin moved by his honesty, saying, “Hearing David yell out his fear gave me goosebumps.”

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She continues, “I felt his vulnerability, and that’s why I held his hand — to let him know that, even though you fear those things and even though you have to be vulnerable at this moment, I’m here for you.”

Jazmin herself has a pretty serious demon, which is fear of “losing my family.” That statement was very moving, as a number of cast members start crying.

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The emotions keep coming when Matt and Briana take their turns. It’s first with him facing his “aggression”— something that’s come up a number of times this season — and her dealing with the “fear of approval.”

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Those tears continue with Christy, who is ready to stop “being controlling” in her life.

“For so long, my life was out of control, so that’s when I quit drinking,” she states.

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She continues, “But then I went into the complete opposite direction and had to be in control of everything. And that’s really affected my relationships — not just with Todd but with everyone.”

So what happens next? Watch the full exclusive clip below!

Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.