Is Tonya & Kerwin’s Engagement in Trouble on ‘Little Women: LA’ Couples Retreat? (VIDEO) — Exclusive
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Little Women

Is Tonya & Kerwin’s Engagement in Trouble on ‘Little Women: LA’ Couples Retreat? (VIDEO) — Exclusive


We know Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat was supposed to be all about the cast facing their demons, but with the finale approaching, we’re getting worried about some of the couples.

Tonya and Kerwin have us concerned about their impending nuptials after an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode.

Could this fight be the final straw?

Let’s call it more of a serious argument — more akin to what we saw with the Tiny Twinz earlier this season, and less like when Matt and Chris duked it out.

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It all starts when Kerwin asks Tonya about her meeting with counselor Hasani, where she discussed their issues.

The initial problem at hand isn’t actually that serious, as she expresses her frustration with him watching TV as she tries to go to sleep at night.

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The real concern is that the disagreement escalated to Tonya calling Kerwin “a name” — though neither one of them details what that was.

“I’ve never called you anything,” he notes, adding, “It’s something I don’t play with.”

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Soon enough, the pair is speaking over one another and raising their voices as they try to give their individual sides of the situation.

“This is a conversation here and you’re overriding me. I don’t even get a chance to talk or say anything,” he reasons.

Kerwin then recalls his fiancée falling asleep soon after they finished fighting, which he says is an indicator that she doesn’t want to compromise, she “just wants her way.”

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He continues, “I go ‘we and us,’ you go ‘I and me.’”

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“Our problem is, neither one of us wants to give in,” Tonya muses in the confessional.

She then concludes, “I want things my way, the ‘right way,’ and he wants things his way, the wrong way.”

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Her use of “the wrong way” baffles her future hubby, who worries this could foreshadow some major hurdles ahead.

“If we can’t even negotiate over television, then maybe we have bigger problems than we think,” Kerwin states.

See the full clip below and tune in tonight for more!

Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.