Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 20 — Aria Learns the Truth!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 20 — Aria Learns the Truth!

You guys. It's finally happening. On tonight's Pretty Little Liars, Season 4, Episode 20 (“Free Fall”), Aria (Lucy Hale) finds out that Ezra (Ian Harding) is up to no good. And she confronts him. We pretty much expect it to be the most exciting, heartbreaking, drama filled moment possible.

If you need a refresher on what else to expect when you tune in to the episode tonight, here's the official ABC Family synopsis of the episode:

Spencer is determined that it is finally time to tell Aria about what she has found out about Ezra, but Emily and Hanna are worried about what it could do to their friend. A wrench is thrown into the plan when Ezra tells Aria about his concern and suspicion of Spencer’s recent addiction problem. Now with Spencer’s credibility being questioned, can the girls trust what Spencer has been telling them about Ezra — could this all be a figment of Spencer’s tired brain or really just a clever ploy by Ezra to cover his tracks?

Yep, it sounds like the Ezra vs. Spencer battle continues, and we have a feeling it's just going to get better as the season heads towards a close.

This is a live recap, so if you want to join us analyzing all the action in tonight's episode, keep refreshing for the latest updates; we'll start recapping when Season 4, Episode 20 officially starts (at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!).

8:01: Ezra, you are SO creepy.

8:03: Oh Spence. You are a mess.

8:06: Smart move, Mr. "Not trying to be the bad guy." Bring Spencer's brain into question.8

8:07: Oh, Toby. Such a sweetheart. "She would have wanted me to live my life. Find a way to make it full. Sharing it with the people I love."

8:08: "I finished my Spanish homework in a toilet stall." Lol.

8:09: Spencer had a drug problem in the past. Two years ago, to be more precise. Interesting. We be there's more to her secret than that.

8:10: Most awkward intervention, ever.

8:10: "Are you a speed freak?" - Hanna, always subtle.

8:11: "What is happening right now?" - Spencer, very, very confused.

8:11: Aria doesn't even blink at Spencer's accusation.

8:12: Troian is killing this scene.

8:13: Oh, and the pad from Wren is in Spencer's purse. Smooth move, "A".

8:17: Whoa, Mike wants to use the L word? A little fast if you ask us.8:18: OMG what is going ON between Mona and Ezra?

8:18: What is going ON between Ezra and Mona? This is a little scary.

8:19: Smart Hanna still questions Ezra. She's just the greatest this season.

8:20: Good for Spencer turning in her drugs. "Ezra is 'A'. I'm sure of it."

8:20: "A" is trying to cover up where he used to meet Ali.

8:21: Spencer has created a very Spencer plot. Love it.

8:23: Ezra seems to realize that Spencer could still be a problem, so he wants to tell her parents. Crafty. Maybe too crafty, though. Is Aria starting to doubt him?

8:24: "How did you know about that? The tattoo part?" Yep, she's realizing. Smart girl.

8:29: This setup is brilliant. Is Ezra smart enough to realize he's being played? It doesn't look like it.

8:30: So... Spencer is still after pills? No good.

8:31: Ezra's password is B62. Ezria reference! But shouldn't he be smart enough to have a random password?

8:35: Nothing like walking into a reptile zoo while "A" might be around. Hanna is probably right to be nervous.


8:40: Man, Ian Harding plays pissed off Ezra well.

8:44: Oh god Ezra chasing Aria through the woods. Scary stuff.

8:46: And, stuck on a ski lift together. So. Scary.

8:47: So, who was it who was there? Mona, maybe? Ezra did say he still needed her help.

8:48: OK, this CGI is not great.

8:48: Ezra claims he met Ali in college, she lied about her age.

8:49: "I never hurt Alison. I was writing a book about her. A true crime book." So, do you believe this story?

8:49: OK, so Ezra did know who Aria was when they met. Yes, that is so freaking creepy. "I didn't know I was going to fall in love with you." He claims he has never lied to her about how he feels about her.

8:50: Lucy Hale is doing a good job here. And we're glad that Aria realizes that even if this is the true story, he was using her and it's weird.

8:51: "Burn it? Are you kidding me? I'm going to read this thing cover to cover."

8:55: OK, so it was totally Mona.

8:56: Poor Spencer. Poor Toby. Poor everyone.

8:57: "You didn't know what you were doing half the time." "Your father and I can't cover for you again." She did something bad.

8:58: OMG that necklace is the best. Poor Spencer.

8:59: "A" is picking up the pages. Does that make "A" seem more or less likely to be Ezra? We could see it going either way.

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