Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 23 — Is Mrs. DiLaurentis “A”?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Live Recap: Season 4, Episode 23 — Is Mrs. DiLaurentis “A”?

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 22 (“Cover For Me”) ended with the Liars learning that Ezra thinks Mrs. DiLaurentis is "A". Could he be right? And if he is, will the Liars be able to prove it before it's too late? We can't wait to see what happens when the Liars try to learn more on Season 4, Episode 23 (“Unbridled”).

If you need a refresher on what to else expect when you tune in to the episode tonight, here's the official ABC Family synopsis of the episode:

It is a rough time for all of the Liars as Spencer is reeling about the memories from her “lost summer,” Aria is still nursing a broken heart, Emily is reeling from Paige’s betrayal and Hanna unsuccessfully attempts to wade back into the dating pool. But as each girl tries to deal with her individual issues, they must focus their attention on their suspicions surrounding Mrs. DiLaurentis. Assuming that Mrs. D knows more about Ali and the night she went missing, girls decide to help out at her charity bridal fashion show to gain access to the DiLaurentis house to search for answers.

This is a live recap, so if you want to join us analyzing all the action in tonight's episode, keep refreshing for the latest updates; we'll start recapping when Season 4, Episode 23 officially starts (at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!).

8:01 - Starting with Spencer running through the woods. We like it.

8:01 - 48 hours earlier.

8:02 - OK, so now Spencer is worried that she killed a stranger. Interesting.

8:02 - So many bad things have happened in the DiLaurentis house, Spencer can't even keep track of what happened to who!

8:03 - Hi Jason! We missed you and your sexiness.

8:04 - "You know me, Spencer. You killed me." Whoa.

8:04 - Ezra has resigned. Aria's mom knows. And she's back! Aww yay!

8:06 - Dean noticed that Spencer paused before calling Jason a friend. He's good at his job.

8:07 - We've already seen this Paily fight in a sneak peek, but it's still painful.

8:08 - "All grandparents are old."

8:08 - Oh, Paige. The cops can't protect anyone in Rosewood.

8:09 - "It kind of seems like you've always got a lot going on." You have no idea, Travis. No idea.

8:10 - This Holbrook and Mrs. D interaction is interesting. Is Mrs. D so insistent that Ali is dead because it's taken her so long to come to terms with it, or because she doesn't want the cops figuring out Ali's secretly alive?

8:12 - Why does Mrs. D have all of this new clothing?

8:15 - Oh. So Mrs. D really did think Spencer was a bully who didn't like their family. Interest.

8:20 - Ouch, Aria. Harsh. Very harsh.

8:28 - Man, Holbrook is the best.

8:28 - "That incident that happened."

8:29 - Wow, Alison even manages to get under Ms. Hastings' skin.

8:36 - The Liars look fantastic! So pretty.

8:37 - Oh, Dean. You're so hot, but you just interrupted a really important conversation.

8:38 - OK. So it turns out the rehab facility Jason claims to have been at has been closed for two year. Dun. Dun. Dun.

8:42 - So who is Mrs. D handing things to? Could it be Ali?

8:44 - "I'm not sure she and I have a whole lot to chit-chat about." Oh Travis, we like you. Hanna's going to break your heart, but we like you.

8:46 - Man, Hanna does know how to pick out the smart, helpful ones, doesn't she?

8:48 - This speech from Ella is awesome. She's such a good mom.

8:48 - Yay, Ella and Zack are getting married! Aww!

8:49 - The Liars running around in these dresses is pretty hilarious.

8:49 - Why does no one on this show have a password that's just random numbers and letters? Shouldn't basically everyone in Rosewood be better at hiding their secrets?

8:51 - Ali says her mom can't know anything. Hmm...

8:56 - OK, this might be the creepiest thing "A" has ever done. Finger bones in Spencer's corset? So creepy.

8:57 - "I did it because I don't care what happens to Alison." Wow. It took courage for her to confess that.

8:57 - "I do forgive you, but I don't think I could ever trust you again." Ouch.

8:58 - Wow. Ali's hiding place is not very nice.

8:59 - "What are you doing here?" Who?! We need to know!

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