The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Shine Bright Like a Diamond (10/1/2013)
The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Shine Bright Like a Diamond (10/1/2013)
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The Voice

The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Shine Bright Like a Diamond (10/1/2013)


After a relatively dull start to the week in last night’s blind audition episode of The Voice 2013, tonight’s set of hopefuls certainly impressed us.

Coaches Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green were back with their signature antics and finger pointing, doing their best to snag the top talent and a potential Season 5 win.

Blake debuted his three winning trophies (which he had made for himself) last night to persuade potential stars onto his team, but this season Christina’s had the most convincing arguments.

In fact, the pop diva seems to have snagged some of the best talent thus far. But she’s not the only one with serious contenders.

Let’s get started!

Will Champlin

This California native was looking to follow in his famous father’s footsteps. Will’s pops played organ, keys, guitar, and vocals for the iconic band Chicago. And though he’s often been known as the son of this legend, Will’s also a father and husband, looking to provide for his family by following his dreams.

Singing Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You,” this quirky artist got the crowd to their feet and inspired Blake, Adam, and Cee Lo to turn.

“I can’t think about one thing that wasn’t spectacular,” Adam told the artist.

Blake tried to put the moves on Will telling him that he “loved” him. The country crooner was a fan of the singer’s look and sound.

Will ended up siding with Team Adam, which seems like the perfect fit for this pop rocker.

Macey Estes

This artist started off as a shy teen, but was ready to shine on the stage as a hip hop dancer and performer. Macey had chosen to temporarily bypass college to follow her dreams.

Singing Ariana Grande’s “The Way,” Macey brought plenty of sass, but not quite the consistency or control necessary in a Voice contestant.

Adam told Macey she had plenty of potential and Christina told the singer she wanted to hear more in her whistle register.

Macey didn’t let the criticism bring her down and even sang her original Voice rap for the coaches who encouraged her to keep rapping. Talk about guts!

Stephanie Anne Johnson

This artist grew up in a musical family, studied opera, and eventually decided to perform on a cruise ship in Alaska. But Stephanie was ready to spend more time with her family and was looking to make a musical career on land.

Singing “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” this sassy singer brought an extra helping of attitude to her audition. Pop diva Christina Aguilera and soul man Cee Lo Green were impressed by Stephanie’s confidence and turned for her.

She told the coaches that she wanted to make “indie soul” music, to which Adam declared that the obvious coach for her was Cee Lo. Come to find out, Stephanie went to the same school as Season 1 Team Cee Lo finalist Vicci Martinez.

Thinking she lost the advantage, Christina declared she might not be as instrumental as the other coaches, but she was equally invested in improving Stephanie’s future.

Stephanie bought Xtina’s pitch and joined the “Beautiful” singer’s team.

The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Shine Bright Like a Diamond (10/1/2013)
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Sam Cerniglia

This wedding singer has an office job working for Groupon (which kinda rules), but is looking to have a professional music career. Sadly Sam’s two sisters have each been afflicted with serious medical conditions, which prevented one of them from making it to his audition.

Though he had a shaky start to his rendition of “It’s a Beautiful Day,” Sam gained plenty of confidence and convinced Blake and Cee Lo to turn for him.

Blake loved the contestant’s range and jazzy style, comparing him to his close friend Michael Buble. Cee Lo loved the “mature” style of Sam’s singing and even called the artist a “ladies man.”

Sam felt like he belonged on Team Blake Shelton. Hopefully he can still be a ladies man on the cowboy’s team.

Jennifer Newberry

This Swedish immigrant was ready to make a name for herself in America. Inspired by Christina and Mariah Carey, Jennifer was ready to become an icon of her own.

Singing Bruno Mars’s “Locked Out of Heaven,” Jennifer was shaky from the first note. Unfortunately for her, Bruno Mars is a regular staple on The Voice so there were plenty of solid performances to compare her to.

Jennifer didn’t get a chair turn, but she did get plenty of advice from the celebrity coaches.

Cee Lo liked Jennifer’s “breathiness,” and Adam said she had a great voice, but it needed a little work. Blake thought the artist didn’t quite pick the right song choice or genre.

James Irwin

This singer has a heartbreaking story that we’re familiar with. James auditioned last season hoping to channel the pain of the loss of his twin daughters into a passionate music career. Sadly he didn’t make it through, but this optimistic contestant was back for a second shot.

Singing “Losing My Religion,” James got an almost immediate four-chair turn, which only fueled him to give a powerful performance.

Adam commended James on getting a four-chair turn his second time around, and told him that there were still some problems with his performance that needed to be addressed. Christina disagreed saying it was all in James’s flawless delivery.

Cee Lo told James he was “moved” by his performance, and Blake noted that he noticed all the changes — emotional and vocal — that James had made to improve his sound.

Ultimately James decided he was ready to work and picked Team Adam.

The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Shine Bright Like a Diamond (10/1/2013)
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Olivia Henken

This country crooner has been singing since age 4, but has struggled to break into the business after winning multiple contests.

Ready to finally make her dreams come true, Olivia took to The Voice stage with an extra helping of intensity. And her performance only crescendoed after Christina Aguilera turned for her rendition of “Two Black Cadillacs.”

Cee Lo took notice and pressed his button at the last moment.

Xtina was pumped that Blake didn’t turn, but promised Olivia that her country friend would help with song choices. Cee Lo made promises to challenge the country singer’s genre and “put her in positions,” causing the coaches and Olivia’s grandma to lose it.

In the end Olivia decided to help Christina bring home a female winner and joined the pop diva’s team.

Jason Kertson

This talented musician has mastered playing not only one but two guitars at the same time. This hard worker was looking to be a rockstar and took to The Voice stage singing “Lips of an Angel” to make his dream come true.

Unfortunately the singer struggled with pitch the entire song, with almost painfully flat choruses. Adam encouraged Jason telling him that he started off “all over the place” as an artist, and Christina urged the artist to keep trying and coming back.

R. Anthony

This self-proclaimed “quiet kid” was was ready to show off his big voice. R. Anthony made a gospel trio with his brothers, but gave up that opportunity to be with his wife and daughters. Looking to make his family proud, the gospel-based singer sang “Hall of Fame” in the hopes that he’d one day be in a hall of fame of his own.

His passionate performance convinced Christina Aguilera to turn for him and Cee Lo Green followed suit literally at the last possible second.

Christina loved R.’s soul and runs, and Cee Lo agreed saying he waited until the last minute on purpose. “I just really wanted to experience it,” he told the singer.

That meant something to the gospel artist and he joined Team Cee Lo.

Cee Lo also nabbed R&B singer Keaira LaShae, and Christina grabbed soulful artist Amber Nicole. Blake took country artist Emily Randolph who chose to challenge herself with a Guns N’ Roses tune.

Justin Chain

This Alabama country artist grew up singing with him family, but bypassed some of his musical dreams to pursue a career in sports. Sadly Justin was in a severe car accident, which ended up putting his field dreams on hold.

Now that’s he’s been given a second chance at life, Justin’s ready to take advantage of his Southern twang. And it seemed like he made the right choice after Blake turned for Justin’s rendition of Jason Aldean’s “She’s Country.”

Personally, we felt his audition was a bit lackluster, but Blake seemed enthused and he tends to be the expert in this situation.

The country crooner called his fellow coaches “idiots,” but they all agreed that Justin would have joined his team anyway.

Ashley DuBose

Closing out the night was Minnesota singer Ashley DuBose. Though she spends most of her days working behind a desk, this single mother has always wanted to make singing a full-time career.

Singing Rihanna’s “Diamonds” (better than BadGalRiRi, by the way), Ashley entranced and wowed us the way few others have done so far this season.

Her flawless runs and comfortable on-stage swagger convinced all four coaches to turn for her. Adam loved how the singer’s voice “overtook the room,” and Cee Lo and Christina were blown away that Ashley wasn’t a professional musician.

Papa Cee Lo and Xtina both praised Ashley’s ability to tackle the challenging Rihanna tune, saying she embodied the Top 40 artist perfectly.

Blake tried to convince Ashley to make the unlikely choice, but was interrupted by the other coaches like Cee Lo who were ready to make Ashley’s dreams come true.

Ultimately Ashley decided that Adam was the coach to take her all the way and joined the Maroon 5 rocker’s team.

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