The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Blind Auditions Season 5 Premiere (9/23/2013)
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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Blind Auditions Season 5 Premiere (9/23/2013)

After months of waiting and a whole season without Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, the original four coaches are back for the premiere of The Voice 2013! Season 5 is sure to be the best season yet with a host of new talent and plenty of banter between our favorite coaches.

Blake Shelton is back after three wins in a row, and you can bet he’s going to be extra cocky. The country crooner even had three peace sign trophies made up to rub in his fellow coaches faces and to use as bargaining chips for potential artists.

Adam Levine is sick of listening to Blake’s nonstop bragging and has already vowed to take his bestie down this season, but will he be able to?

Let’s find out:

“I Love Rock n’ Roll”

Starting off the night was the coaches' traditional group performance. This year it was all about having fun as Xtina and Papa Cee Lo rejoined Blake and Adam on the stage to sing “I Love Rock n’ Roll.”

Christina was definitely ready to show off her trim body in a skin-tight dress. Blake certainly didn’t seem to mind as she shimmied her way over to him. But her dance moves were reserved for the country star. She danced her way over to Cee Lo and even gave Adam a special show.

Kat Robichaud

Enough of the superstars! The first blind audition was ‘80s music fan Kat. The North Carolina native gave up working with her cover band to have a more stable life with her husband. But after losing her father in February, Kat was ready to feel the joy of performing once more.

Singing “I’ve Got the Music in Me” by The Kiki Dee Band, this rocker took her father’s love and support with her on stage and proved the song title was appropriate. Blake, Christina, and Cee Lo turn around at the same time. And despite calling her “Raspy McRasperson,” Adam didn’t turn.

“You engulfed me, you set me on fire,” Cee Lo declared.

Xtina was ready to fight for this talented star, but Blake readily admitted that he was the unlikely choice, and Adam quickly agreed.

It was clear who Kat was gunning for as a coach after she listed her influences as David Bowie and Queen. Kat became the first member of Team Cee Lo Green.

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Blind Auditions Season 5 Premiere (9/23/2013)
Credit: Mark Seliger/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Caroline Pennell

This shy high school student looked more like she was ready to hide behind her bangs than sing on national television. Looking to make The Voice the “push” she needed, Caroline took to the stage to sing Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen.”

And it was if the British singer was standing on the stage instead of the shy teen. Her nervous energy ended up being endearing when she giggled with excitement as Blake and Cee Lo turned for her.

“You’re like the sweetest thing on earth,” Adam declared.

Christina also loved Caroline’s genuine giggle, and Blake loved her effortless, unaffected sound. Cee Lo told the teen that he felt as if they were “cut from the same cloth.”

Clearly she agreed and joined Team Cee Lo, leaving Blake and his three trophies in the dust.

Donna Allen

Declaring herself to be the “oldest artist in this competition,” Donna was ready to show the coaches what she’s made of. And while we’re proud of her for following her dream at any age, The Voice hasn’t been kind to older singers in the past.

But who are we to judge? That’s what the coaches for! And Christina and Adam turned within seconds of Donna’s soulful rendition of “You Are So Beautiful.” And though we thought the ballad was a strange choice for the singer’s rocker-esque hairstyle, it turned out to be a gorgeous display of her vocal ability.

“That voice is like the heavens opening up, I was so moved!” Christina said.

Blake immediately told Donna that he thought she should pick Christina as his coach as Adam sat at the other end of the row calling his friend “stupid.”

Adam told Donna that he felt like she was already at the end of the season because her sound was so experienced. And despite shouts to the contrary, Donna picked Team Adam. The tattooed rocker was so thrilled that he ran on stage and picked up the single mother, carrying her around like a purse.

Christina was bummed, but finally understood that Donna must have picked Adam for a love connection. Come on, you know you’d do it too!

Jake Worthington

Up next was this season’s first down-home country boy, Jake. Complete with a cowboy hat at a thick accent, Jake took to the stage singing “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” We loved his inflection, but the singer did struggle with breath control, often running out of air on some of the longer verses.

The coaches agreed with us and sadly Jake didn’t get any chair turns, but Blake admitted he made a big mistake and “screwed the pooch.”

Jake admitted that he was “just happy to be there,” and was desperate to learn what he could improve on. Hopefully we’ll see him next year.

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Blind Auditions Season 5 Premiere (9/23/2013)
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Matthew Schuler

This college rugby player was ready to sacrifice everything for a chance at following his passion. Matt’s family was the definition of hard working. They worked to overcome financial difficulties and personal struggles to open their own church in the basement of a building.

Matt was ready to take to The Voice stage to show the “song inside” him. And he did so in a uniquely impressive way. Within seconds of his rendition of Young The Giant’s “Cough Syrup,” all four coaches turned to jam out with the grinning singer face to face.

Not only did Matt earn a standing ovation, but Blake and Christina actually went on stage to thank the singer for his amazing rendition.

“I am the coach for you,” Xtina said instantly.

Blake played the wife card saying Miranda would love Matt the instant she heard him.

Cee Lo offered Matt the opportunity to not just be a member of a team, but an “owner” of one. Adam was overly enthusiastic saying Matt was the contestant he “had to get.”

Christina quickly pulled out all the stops begging Matt to let her be the first female coach to win this thing.

Matt decided it was his duty to help Xtina out and became the first member of her team.

Nic Hawk

Calling himself the male version of Amy Winehouse and Jessie J., Nic was ready to shine on the stage. He’d put his career on hold to help take care of his family after his stepfather walked out on his mother and epileptic younger brother.

His swagger-filled style quicky attracted the attention of Adam Levine who pressed his button a few seconds into his rendition of “Hit Em Up Style (Oops).”

Cee Lo soon followed suit, and Nic finished strong with complete confidence.

In fact, he quickly turned to Adam and said, “What’s going on handsome?”

Sigh, quit taking our opening line!

“I’m the resident white boy who loves the things you love,” Adam said.

“Yeah, but see I don’t know if I’m going to be able to focus because you’re so good looking,” Nic admitted as Adam blushed.

Ultimately he decided to suck it up in the name of music and picked Team Adam.

Matthew Brea

This 15-year-old hopeful was inspired by his parents who immigrated from Haiti. The adorable singer lost his brother at an early age, and used that painful loss to fuel his passion on the stage.

Singing Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” Matthew took to The Voice stage with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. But sadly no chairs turned for the young star.

“You’re like a child prodigy! I thought someone 40 years old was singing that song,” Cee Lo exclaimed.

Christina wasn’t ready for the artist to leave, hugging him and even letting him sit in her chair. But all of the coaches begged Matthew to come back next season. Cee Lo even went backstage to comfort the heartbroken singer in person. Something tells us we haven’t seen the last of him.

Shelbie Z.

This Southern belle is a pageant queen and hair stylist, who has been self conscious about her weight since age 10. Shelbie was ready to take the blind auditions by storm singing “Here For the Party” with some kickass confidence.

Her performance earned her a three-chair turn, with only Adam abstaining from pressing his button.

“Let me be the first to welcome you to Team Blake,” Mr. Shelton said with confidence.

The instant they saw Shelbie’s cowboy boots, the coaches knew she was destined for Team Blake, and Shelbie didn’t disappoint heading over to the country crooner’s team.

Josh Logan

This 33-year-old fedora-wearing singer struggled at the age of 16 when he unexpectedly became a parent. Now more than 16 years later, he’s looking to have a consistent income to support his teenage son.

His rendition of Alex Clare’s “Too Close” earned the single father a three-chair turn. Christina loved Josh’s “yearning” and Blake admitted he had a “man crush” on Josh.

But Josh wasn’t feeling Blake’s “bromantic” advances and picked Team Xtina.

Delvin Choice

Calling himself a “tall, sexual, chocolate glass of water,” Delvin was ready to bring his own flair to The Voice stage.

And though his rendition of Ne-Yo’s “Closer” was rich and filled with energy, the coaches didn’t see that special something in Delvin’s performance.

Though there were no chair turns, the coaches agreed that Delvin’s charisma and charming personality would have made for a great contestant. Cee Lo told Delvin he needed to pick a different song with less of a dance beat and asked the singer to come back.

Hopefully we’ll see him and his “lobster” hairstyle next season!

James Wolpert

This 22-year-old actually went to school for art and loves technology, but ultimately fell in love with singing and ended up dropping out of college to pursue his music career.

Singing Jack White’s “Love Interruption,” James caught the coaches’ attention and as the song progressed, convinced all of them to press their buttons.

Blake loved the singer’s vocal “character” and “vibrato.”

“I expected some long-haired guy with a beard,” Blake admitted.

Xtina pulled out her Pittsburgh pride, hoping to win over the Pennsylvania singer.

“You’re so versatile! I couldn’t figure out what genre inspires you, but that’s what I want to find out,” she said.

As Blake tried to win the singer over with his impressive Voice record, Adam pulled out some strange NBA statistics and actually won the singer over with his numbers approach.


What did you think of tonight’s premiere? Is it the best one yet? Tell us below!

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